Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nothing Much And Not Much Of It

Here. Haven't shown the flock lately. That's all of them although you can't really see one of the brown hens behind Mick. I think the hiding hen is Miss Nicey. They are all doing well and taking care of bugs and stuff. Doing what chickens do. I need to go clean out the hen house today. It is quite poopy in there. Chickens eat, they poop, the hens lay eggs, the roosters try to get laid, they nap, they scratch, they sip water. This is their life. Not a bad life unless laying eggs really hurts.
I hope it doesn't.

I just talked to the boys. Owen woke up with a little fever this morning. I asked him how he was doing.
"Good," he said. "And bad."
I think he's a little excited to be sick. It's a novelty and he doesn't really feel bad at all. Gibson told me that he is not sick. And that they bought soup noodles at the store. He was pretty excited about that. Maybe tomorrow we shall go to Japanica! and Owen can drink two bowls of miso soup. That should heal him up.

Meanwhile, I'm staying home today. Took a good walk and have plenty of stuff to do around here. And so I shall do it.

Hope all is well with you in your part of the world on this summer day.

Be well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sitting at the DMV while my mom takes a new test. She just had cataract surgery so now she doesn't need glasses to drive. Miraculous stuff. For real. Happy Day to You! Xo

  2. Now you get to reorganize your kitchen around your shiny new dishwasher! you might wonder how you ever managed without it.

    nice to see the flock!

  3. I think your chickens, in particular, have it made!

  4. Lisa- That is amazing! Yay!

    Angella- Too true!

    Steve Reed- I think they do too.


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