Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sky Blessing, iPhone Blessing

Finally. A bit of rain. A few moment's downpour. Better than nothing. Tomorrow will be greener because of it.
And here's something else that turned out nicely-
I thought my phone's screen was cracked and I finally got around to taking it in and was astounded at what they charged to fix an iPhone's screen. Of course I was feeling terribly guilty because:
(a) Guilt and Shame are my default emotions, and
(b) I'm the nerd who refuses to put her phone in a big ol' clunky, bulky case.

Anyway, the guy looked at it and he said, "It might be that the screen isn't cracked at all. It might just be the plastic protector over it. Mind if I take that off?"
And he did and IT WAS!!!!

Oh bless!

So then I went to Target and bought one of everything, rationalizing that due to the fact that I hadn't had to pay to get my screen replaced.
I swear to god, I thought I was going to have to text someone to come and save me from the Target. I could not get out of there. They have everything! 

Okay- here's a question. 
The last few pairs of cargo shorts I've bought have been the same size and I swear to you, after I've worn them for about fifteen minutes they've gotten so loose that I don't have to unbutton them or unzip them to pull them down to pee. It's ridiculous. I put my CD player in a pocket and half a dozen eggs in another pocket and they fall down. So today at the Target I bought a new pair and of COURSE they don't make odd sizes so I got the waist size which is two inches less, brought them home, put them on, and trust me- these are not going to be loose enough to qualify as comfortable no matter how long I wear them unless I wear them until I lose ten pounds.  
And no, I did not try them on. Are you kidding me? 
And no, I have not lost weight. Again...are you kidding me?

Well, if you know the answer, I'd appreciate it if you'd share. 

And now I'm tearing up the kitchen and trying to get rid of stuff and organize stuff and I think I'm going to get this done. Yep. I do. And just in the nick of time, Lily and Jason's offer on the house they want was accepted so she will have a huge kitchen to fill up (well, relative to the teeny-tiny space she's been calling a kitchen) and so she may want my unwanted muffin tins and so forth. 

Mr. Moon is on his way home and I need to stop what I'm doing and make some supper and finish up the laundry. I'm feeling a bit better, trying not to dwell in the Valley and the Shadow of Death, etc. because I DO fear evil which is pretty much as good a description of anxiety as I know if you define "evil" as anything bad that could possibly (and will undoubtedly) happen. My rod and my staff, they do not comfort me and I preparest a table every night but not before mine enemies. 
No way. I have enough problems as it is.

All right. Bible study over.

And no, I have not found my simmer mats. This is maddening. Could I have thrown them away? Why would I do that? 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I bet you haven't thrown your simmer mats away, I bet they're just somewhere really obvious, but tidied under something. Ask St Anthony to find them for you. He's good like that.

    And while we're being religious... I have this band I love. And they did a version of St Patrick's breast plate, which, even though I don't remotely see god or religion in this way, I still love (the lord has deserted me right here in my hour of syntactical need, we can see that). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Vr2abYWDA

    I love this whole album, I confess. None of the rest of it is goddish, I promise :) I find it v peaceful.

    Oo, great news about Lily and Jason re house! Exciting!

  2. Tony, Tony, look around
    Something's lost and can't be found.

    Which is how my grandma prayed to Saint Anthony, patron saint of lost things. Or, to my grandpa tony.

    Anyway, as the queen of losing everything always, I recite that a lot.

  3. You might be on to a new weight loss method. Write a book and sell it. You'll be a gazillionaire.

  4. How exciting for Lily and Jason!

    Maybe your simmer mats are in your cargo shorts and that is why they are falling down.

  5. Order some new simmer mats. That will cause the other ones to be found. That's how it works at my house.

  6. Have you looked under the front seat. It can be a little sucking vortex down there, quietly slipping objects from plastic bags.

  7. Could the simmer mats be in the library where you put the glasses?

  8. And congrats to Lily and Jason!!!

  9. Could be the difference between Womens and Misses sizes. I think they go by the same number (sometimes womens have the -W-, which I say means Wide) but they have a different cut. More room in the trunk for womens.

  10. Congrats to Lily and Jason. You seem to be losing inches. From walks in butt fuck hot weather??? Put a glass upside down on the sink counter and you might find the simmer matts. How are Mr Moon's legs today? I'm loving you today and every day.

  11. I've been so damn busy at work the last couple of months I barely have time to read much less comment. But I'm slowing things down and part of what makes me happy is coming here and reading and having time to stay awhile. Great news for Lily and Jason and the boys and the baby. I remember a couple of years back when they were going to maybe move for work and am reminded how nice it is they didn't :)

  12. I'm sorry you've become a victim of the Clothing Manufacturers' Mind Fuck. It is why I shop so much. I'm just trying to find something that doesn't shrink right away or doesn't become so baggy it falls off my ass. It's not us, it's them. I'm going to start wearing mumus. In the winter, I'll wear fleece ones.
    Congrats to Lily and Jason! How exciting! What a great way to get your cupboards cleaned out!
    Target failed in Canada because they just didn't make their stores like the American ones, chock full of awesome! Seriously, the shelves were half bare. It's like they thought we are dumb and wouldn't notice. Anyway.
    Do whatever you need to do to keep the anxiety at bay.

  13. re the shorts...right? I have the same problem. women's clothes are even sizes, junior clothes are odd sizes. only trouble is I want women's clothes in junior sizes.

  14. You are not alone. My solution is to buy almost everything I own from a used clothing store. Everything is pre-shrunk and broken in. If it fits when I try it on, it will continue to fit. And the prices can't be beat.

  15. Lily and jason well done
    Love those names

  16. A new house! That is so exciting!

    You know I'm not religious but my grandmother had a saint for everything: one for waking her up, one for when she was sick, and so on, and one to pray to if she lost something - and then she would always find it. Crazy!

    I'm not suggesting you do that. I'm sure they'll turn up. Maybe you absentmindedly put them in the freezer or something.

  17. I think some cargo shorts are made to be "relaxed fit," if you know what I mean, so the sizes are right but they tend toward looseness. I had a pair of cargo shorts that were the same way. RIDICULOUSLY loose.

  18. Steve Reed- The new ones ARE relaxed fit. Not on me, though.

  19. I just wear my old clothes and don't worry about how China crap is flimsy and falls apart. My stuff predates the China influx. LOL--I save a lot by wearing things out.


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