Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beating A Dead Horse

I tried to take my walk this morning. I got about a third of the way through it and said, "Nah," turned around and came home. It's just stupid hot and it never did rain last night, just those few teasing drops and it's steamy and I'm wishing with all of my heart I could go away, get away, be away but frankly, I'd have to take me with me and what good would that do?

Plug-ugly. That's how I feel today. Like a big old fat horse, worn down to the no-good, the useless. And needless to say, NOT attractive.

Maybe they could make glue out of my hooves.

That's all I've got. Move along. Nothing happening here.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Be good to yourself today. Just like you would to somebody else if they were having a rough day. If them, why not you?

  2. I know a puppy that would make you laugh.

  3. I'm sorry. Do you have ick dreams during the day? If not, I suggest a nap.

  4. I hate that feeling.

    You could go dip yourself in the sea. Bit of ionising is good for everyone.

  5. Got this from "Lost in Translation": http://zenhabits.net/funktown/ As she says (and I agree): " It's old stuff in new words, but I liked it and found it helpful, so I thought I'd pass it on."
    Good luck

  6. Oh hon. Except you're beautiful. I'll hold the vision for you till you can see yourself again. I love you.

  7. I am having one of those days. I feel fat and greasy (need to wash my hair) and bloated and crampy. I just want to not feel this way.
    Hope we both feel better tomorrow.

  8. I've been what my Mama would call being down in the dumps for days. No matter what I'm doing, if I walk into our bedroom, I take a nap. Sometimes it's twenty minutes; sometimes it's 2 hours (like the one I just woke from). The bad thing is, I KNOW I'm blessed in so many ways, and I berate myself for feeling this way.....which just adds to it.. It's a vicious circle, I tell ya. I believe it's the oppressive heat and humidity. Yeah, I'll go with that. Wishing you joy and light, Ms. Moon!!!

  9. I know that feeling! Naptime, I think we call it. :-) May you feel better soon. xo

  10. I love you and I'm sticking around as a matter of fact I'm in it for the long haul. So there.

  11. I'm multi-tasky today. You know what that means? Tomorrow I will bleed to death. TMI!
    Big hugs to you. Cool, dry hugs that won't make you crazy.

  12. jenny_o- A trip to Target. Was that being nice to myself? I think so.

    Ellen Abbott- I laugh at the idea that I will ever have another puppy again. I'm sure you're having big fun with that one though. You're so sweet to take her in. Her? I think so.

    Joanne- No time for a nap today. Maybe tomorrow!

    Jo- You have no idea how hot it is here. Just thinking about walking as far as from the car to the beach is enough to discourage me completely. I need to go down there and STAY for a few days. Yes. I do.

    Regine- I adore that movie. Thank you.

    Angella- Oh, if you could only see me in my horrible men's shorts. My bleach-spotted tank tops. Why does my husband even tolerate me?
    But thank you. I love you.

    Birdie- I did wash my hair today. There is that. Yes, on tomorrow being a better day.
    For both of us.

    Catrina- I know exactly what you mean. We who have so much have no right to these down in the dumps day.
    But you know what? We do.

    Betsy- Sleep. My favorite favorite. To draw the curtains, turn on the fan, relax on the bed. Nothing better at all.

    Rebecca- God. I love you.

    Heartinhand- I remember those days. I do. Not too much TMI at all. Thank you for the hugs, you darling girl.

  13. I wish I could transport you to one of the Hedgebrook cottages. It's warm here, but there's so much shade that it's cool inside. And the ocean is a quick walk way. And there's no one to talk to. And there's one writer here who bugs the shit out of me, so maybe I could bump her and install you. I sure hope she's not reading this.

  14. You know I know that feeling. Remember it ALWAYS passes. Until then - be kind to yourself.


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