Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Logout When You Are Done And Completely

I was searching for a different vintage Florida poster to perhaps use as a heading when I came across this picture which was the banner at a sideshow and it just struck me as hysterical.

Also, it reminded me of our governor. But I don't really think he has seeds for brains.
I think he has a transformer or a microchip or a bit of alien goop or something.
Nothing as downhome and goodly as seeds.

Here's another flattering picture of him, costumed as a human.

Dude on the right. That's him. And if you want to read an article that just sums up Florida bullshit and politics, go here. 
You probably don't want to. Oh well. Just trust me- we live in Bizzaro World.

Goodness gracious but it is hot and steamy here today. Again.
We just walk around saying, "Seriously. I'm going to die." Then we get into our cars and crank up the AC and drive to wherever we're going that has AC and mostly we don't die but it sure feels like we might.

I think I made the best pizza last night I've ever eaten.
Pesto, fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tiny bit of venison sausage. And the crust was a thing of beauty.
Is it lunch time yet?

Just about and I haven't done shit today.

Oh well.

Okay. So Lily's family has been invited to a birthday party and it's going to be a costume party. Gibson originally said he wanted to be Uncle Grandpa. Do you know Uncle Grandpa? He's a cartoon guy. He looks like this.

Yesterday, however, when we were in the Goodwill, he found a pair of white patent leather girl shoes with a little heel and fell in love with them and decided he'd rather be a girl for the party. 
So Lily got the shoes and a dress and sent me this picture last night.

I love that child so much. And his mama. 
If you look carefully over Gibson's shoulder, you can see Rusty the cat whom I rescued last winter when he was but a tiny ball of fur and razorblade claws. Remember that? He's all grown up now and has the fluffiest tail in the entire world and he won't let me get within three feet of him. 
There's gratitude for you. 
He has a happy life at Lily's house, though. 

Speaking of cats.

Last weekend Mr. Moon and I moved some furniture and activated a pre-existing dog door for Maurice to use. We then spent a good ninety seconds with her and a bag of Temptations, teaching her to use it. 
And now she does. 

One more thing.

I keep getting spam like this one:

Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit is 1 GB, which is defined by the administrator, are running at 

99.8 gigabytes, you can not send or receive new messages until you re-validate your mailbox.

To renew the mailbox kindly  CLICK HERE

Thank you!
Web mail system administrator!

WARNING! Protect your privacy. Logout when you are done and completely

The AOL! Mail Team

And I'm tired of it. The address comes from
Not all of them, but a goodly number. 

What the fuck? No. I am not going to click here or anywhere you asshole. 

Well, that's life in Lloyd today. I'm thinking I might actually drive up to Thomasville and check out their Goodwill. I'm going on a trip. I need new clothes.

Much Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Cozumel in the future? Lily is a wondrous mother. I saw a video on FB with a cop playing along with a spammer about the bug or virus that 'microsoft' has discovered on your computer and damn if I didn't get that very same call the next day. I just laughed and told him I wasn't that stupid and hung up.

  2. Oh MY but he makes a sweet girl!!!

    Yeah, the first thing I always think of - the few times we go away - is, I HAVE NO CLOTHES. Then I go to the used clothing store and come home with a bunch of stuff that needs altered and I don't have time to alter them and so I go with all my old clothes in the suitcase. Gah.

  3. LOVE Gibson's outfit, but he's gonna needs some pigtails, cos he's still lookin' like a boy in a dress :)

  4. Uncle Grandpa is freaky weird.

    I'm an Adventure Time fan, but it might be a bit scary for the boys yet.

  5. My oldest son spent about a year in girl's clothes. I was so happy for him because it made him so happy! Then some little fuckface at nursery school made fun of him, and he didn't dare any more. Boo!

  6. Boo to other people's fuckface children indeed!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Ellen Abbott- Nope. We're going to Roseland. Cozumel next year.
    Yeah, I saw that thing about the scammer. Good for you! Freaking freaks who want to mess with us.

    jenny_o- He still looks like a boy to me. But a happy boy! Oh gosh. I never buy anything that needs altering. I know I won't do it. At least you have good intentions!

    Jo- That's what I think. That he still looks very much like a little boy.

    Mwa- Fucking fuckface kids.

  9. You need to get rid of that aol account and get gmail. And I adore Gibson as a girl! A Gibson girl!

  10. Clever Maurice, lovely Gibson!

  11. Your family is truly beautiful and radiant and that photo of Gibson in the dress is darling. I love that your grandbabys are growing up free the express the range who they want to be in any given moment. And the two who are coming are such lucky children to be joining your family!

  12. Spam and the tricksters are annoying. I just delete. But the phone calls we get are more than annoying. The Do Not Call thing must have been deactivated. Sick of people calling to tell me my computer isn't working or to beg for some donation.

  13. Owen looks great. Cats are NEVER fucking grateful. EVER. Except for Cheech, who after he takes a bite of food, looks at me with deep gratitude and then goes back to eating.


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