Saturday, July 4, 2015


Today I believe I set the record for the slowest trip from Gator Bone, Florida to Lloyd, Florida ever made by a motorized vehicle. And it was the loveliest trip! It's a joke to everyone I know that I have the poorest sense of direction in the world. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I stay close to home. Anyway, yeah, I made a few wrong turns and probably drove about a hundred extra miles but I had such a good time, driving through the fields and forests and little towns. Such pretty little towns. And I stopped and ate at a Hardee's and I'm not going to tell you what I ate but it was one of the most almost-orgasmic experiences I've ever had and I do not feel guilty although my stomach does hurt a little bit. And I am quite sure that I undid every bit of kale-and-veggie-goodness which I ate for the previous three days and oh well, what the hell, and please- don't you judge me.

Here. I snapped a picture of a guy in a 4th of July shirt leaving Hardee's.

Fancy, huh? And I swear, I saw a woman later wearing the same shirt. I am thinking the local Walmart had a sale on them for the holiday.

Anyway, it was good to have that long drive through the country side. There was little traffic and it gave me a bumper of time to gently unravel the umbilical cord from Lis to me. I hated leaving them. Those three days were the sweetest, most relaxing and peaceful and loving three days I can remember having. And fun. We laughed a lot.
It's hard for me to talk about, how much I love those people.
I am one of the lucky ones in that instead of being afraid of women or disliking women or distrusting them, because of, well, early maternal influences, shall we say, I have sought out women in my life who are nurturing and loving and kind as my friends and in Lis...
All right. I can't talk about it.
And Lon is the same way, but a fella, and when I left, they were standing there, hand-in-hand, and I know they'll be fine and they no more need me there than the man in the moon, but still, it was mighty hard to leave.
So yes. It was good to take a long, leisurely drive home, avoiding the interstates, crossing rivers and driving by lakes, listening to a book written and read by Ms. Fannie Flagg. Rather perfect in many ways.

And it is so nice to be home now. My chickens are all fine and laid me six good eggs and I picked tomatoes

and I think enough crowder peas to make a mess for our dinner.

And I am home with my own sweetheart, my own good fella. He has mowed the grass and he's working like a fiend on that dishwasher.

Dear Lord. How very, very lucky I am.

Yes. I do have a very small life but within the confines of it, there is so much richness. So much joy and beauty. So much love.

As far as the eye can see. And that's all I need and more.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a nice way to celebrate 4th of July, with a sweet kind of quiet freedom driving through your country.

    You should go visit them more often, right?

  2. I really like Fannie Flagg. What book are you listening to?

  3. Love Fannie! Think I have read everything. Happy holiday to you and your man. I love just driving and driving and now with GPS, we can get ourselves very lost and then just tell Mrs. Moneypenny (GPS) to get us home!!!

  4. Jo- Generally, Lon and Lis are booked every moment with either gigs or recording dates. This was a special moment in time. I am so sorry that it took life-saving surgery to provide but...
    I am so fucking glad I could be there.

    Birdie- "The All Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion." I am loving it.

    Ms. Peace Thyme- It was such a beautiful drivel I am most grateful for it .

  5. Welcome home! I am glad you had a restful, peaceful time and that Lis is healing well.

  6. So many tomatoes! And crowder peas -- how I wish I could have some!

  7. A beautiful post, filled with love and gratitude. Your heart and soul seemed full to overflowing with all you experienced during your few days away from home and upon your return. Your 'small' life sounds perfectly idyllic.

  8. Your "small life" is vast and loving. Welcome home.

  9. I'm looking forward to my own week away (coming up soon) with some women friends. so glad you had a few days of nurturing, giving and getting.

  10. Joanne- Thank you! I am sure that Lis thanks you too.

    Elizabeth- Those peas were delicious. I had plenty for supper and some leftover.

    Desiree- My cup did indeed runneth over.

    Angella- Thank you, sweetie!

    Ellen Abbott- I can't wait to hear about your trip. It is very good to get away sometimes.

  11. That bit about being lucky you like women struck very hard at me. My mother always still goes on about how much she hates women. They are all bitches. Which is interesting, to tell your three daughters and yourself. She means it. Hates all of us and herself. Bitches. I, too, love women and find myself very forturnate to have managed to do so. You're one of the women I love.

  12. Mwa- That is very interesting and very, very sad. I don't understand women who do not like women. I love the women I love so very much and as a general rule, I think that women are amazing and so much stronger than we think we are and wiser, too. And I love you, Mwa!

  13. I suppose it's also interesting to tell your son, which she also has. Just an extra thought. :-)


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