Sunday, July 12, 2015

Deep Thoughts

What I'm thinking about this evening:

1. Shelling peas is the best. It gives me such a good excuse to sit in front of the TeeVee and watch crap with my feet up.

2. Peas will fly across the room. Also- there are probably a few dozen of them between the sofa cushions.

3. I have truly lost my mind. I can't find either of my simmer mats. What in hell have I done with them? This is not funny.

4. My husband is a fine carpenter, electrician, and plumber. And he has the best work ethic of anyone I know. And a cute butt.

5. When I do finally get my entire kitchen back in order I will be a much less stressed-out woman. The kitchen is my work room, my office, and my control center. And maybe I'll find my simmer mats.

6.. If I don't water my porch plants, they're all going to die. Right now. Here I go.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is such a peaceful state to have one's kitchen back in good working order! And your simmer things will reappear....

  2. In the oven drying? With whatever pot you used them with (or have you not used them yet)? If unused, maybe in the bag they came in, shoved into the pantry? (that's where all my stuff gets lost) In the dishwasher getting cleaned? In the hen house? (no, probably not) ... good luck with that! I'm looking for a pair of shoe insoles I know I bought and I can't find those either, but that's a far cry from a pair of simmer mats :)

  3. Oh, Mary! Your simmer mats. Now you have to post when and where you found them. I bet Maurice has something to do with it. You will not now how she did it but cats are evil like that. It is a way of getting back at you for not feeding her Temptations in the nights upon every demand.

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  5. Somewhere in that kitchen remodel. And you are adorable, different then cute.

  6. Joanne's comment reminded me that being a "cute couple" is literally the most endearing thing to me. Seeing a together-long-time-affectionate-couple brings out the gushy sap in me. Really old people holding hands? Holy shitballs, I fall to the ground sobbing because it is so precious!
    We get told we are cute too. I've always thought it was because we are so short that we look like a novelty act, but maybe it's because we exude love in a fun and sassy way and people think that's cute. Whatever. Anyway, that last comment reminded me that I didn't have time to comment on the cute thing,
    Peas have always been the biggest pain in the ass of all the vegetables. They are so much work! It's a good thing they are so damn yummy.

  7. yes, I need to get out and water the plants in pots soon be fore it gets too hot. unfortunately my husband's once cute butt is, alas, no longer.

  8. 1. I heart you
    2. I heart your blog

  9. These are indeed deep thoughts. Not even being facetious. Love you.


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