Friday, July 17, 2015


I am naught but a slug today. I slept until 9:30 because I read too late and then I was awake half the night with heartburn. I rarely get it but when I do it's always at night. Isn't that the way? And anything that interferes with my sleep just pisses me off.
I don't know what the hell we're doing this weekend. Mr. Moon slept late too, for him, and then went to work-out. I think we're both just exhausted. Perhaps too exhausted to get in a car and drive somewhere and try to figure out where to stay for two nights. I think we're going to do a stay-at-home thing (do not use that word "staycation" or go ahead if you want but I think it's a hideous word for some reason and while we're at it, I hate the use of the word "read" as a noun, I don't care how okay it is, it's not okay with me) and try like hell to just relax and hang out together and maybe go down the river or something.
I don't know.
I don't know shit as has been reported here more than once.

Here's something funny- the Huffpost (that bastion of fine writing and accurate information: hahahaha!) has declared that the Donald's campaign will not be run in the news or political section but in the Entertainment section. This cracks me up and makes me like Arianna Huffington just a bit more than I did.

That is truly all I have to say today. Or at least, right now.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Did you know goodwill has an online shopping site here's the link I just heard about it and haven't found anything I can't live without, but I guess the items change everyday. Gail

  2. I've been trying to check-in on line for my flight tomorrow. you would think it would be easy enough as I've done it before but no...the whole thing involved 1 live chat with Priceline, 1 phone call to Air Canada, and 1 phone call to United who kept trying to get me to upgrade for x amount of $ more than the $670 (round trip) I already paid for this ticket because it was more convenient for me. how would she know what was convenient for me. I don't think waiting an extra 5 minutes to get on or off the plane is really going to be inconvenient. bottom line is I can't check in on line because I have to show them my passport since I can't scan it in to my non-existant smart phone. the call to United was to find out what terminal which was no where on any of the info.

  3. I had a good laugh at the Huffpo Donald Trump declaration too! And good God I needed it. My husband thinks The Donald so ridiculous he must be a secret agent for the Democrats. But I think I might have left that in your comment once before. Oh well. I'm deep in the doldrums too but holding off on writing about it because I'm doing a work assignment with someone who reads my blog and I don't want her to worry that I'm too depressed to get her work done properly. Somehow no matter how fucked up in the head I am, no matter how many tears fall, I get my work done. My parents planted that seed deep.

  4. I hate the word read used as a noun, too, and when I use it like that, I wince. I won't anymore. As for "staycation," I used it for a title of a blog post more than seven years ago, and it's gotten like 200,000 hits. So ridiculous. The posts that get the most hits on my blog are that one, one that has the word "gun" in the title and one about folding origami cranes. So much for my writing.

  5. I think I have used read as a noun before. It is rather irritating, isn't it?

    Words I hate. Ointment. Slacks (use instead of pants). Moist. Panties. And then I heard a word about 3 months back that angered me. Vajazzled. Look it up. Do we really need to be doing that?

  6. Gail- I DID know that. Haven't visited the site in awhile though. Thanks for reminding me.

    Ellen Abbott- Technology just sucks donkey dicks. That's all there is to it. I'm so sorry!

    Angella- "My parents planted that seed deep." Yes m'am. I understand. Ach! May we both find our way out of these doldrums soon and our sails be filled with sweet, fresh air so that we can sail again.

    Elizabeth- I'm pretty sure my most hits have come from the post "How To Get An Ass Like Jennifer Lopez's." Also, "What's It All Mean, Mr. Natural?"

    Birdie- I sort of like the word "ointment" but I am with you on the others. I will never be Vajazzeled. Trust me. And let me say- "slacks" is a stupid word.

  7. I spend entirely too much time being distracted by HuffPost.

  8. A word that I heard recently that irritated was "conversate" as in "I conversated with him". Not good.


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