Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oh My

So yesterday when we were waiting in various places at the doctor's office, I was going back and forth between a New Yorker and a Vanity Fair. I'd start reading something, realized I wasn't really comprehending anything, and switch back to the other magazine.


One article in the Vanity Fair did indeed capture my attention for a few moments.
And because it has to do with women and literature and, well, okay...
Just go to the link. 

Discussion please.


  1. the vanity fair article was like the most highbrow letter from penthouse forum, ever.

    i was just at the dr mammogram. my reading choices were the bible, sports illustrated, maxim, an and entertainment tonight. i think you won the reading jackpot here.


  2. oh and there was a GOLF magazine. because each time i wait for my mammogram, i want to read about GOLF....

  3. 1. OF COURSE Cubitt is from New Orleans.

    2. Does Katie make housecalls?

  4. The more I watch, the more I LOVE THIS. Seriously. There are so many layers of awesomeness to this. One of the best things ever.

  5. That might be the best closing sentence of an article EVER!

  6. I watched that original one some time ago (along with a bazillion others, I see!) and really like the whole explanation here in the article.

    I wish he'd call me to do a reading.

  7. I watched that original one some time ago (along with a bazillion others, I see!) and really like the whole explanation here in the article.

    I wish he'd call me to do a reading.

  8. It occurs to me that this is the first time I've seen a woman have an authentic orgasm in almost 30 years!

    I bet the Hitachi Magic Wand sells out nationwide.

  9. The original was actually dudes reading the Silmarillian. Failed miserably as art; it was the faces they made.

  10. I haven't read the article, but I've seen a few of the pieces - Stoya and Margaret Cho, I think. Maybe more. I think it's brilliant. I like the connection of the books and the reading and the Hitachi and the simplicity of it all.

  11. Oh my, indeed! This is brilliant.

  12. Wow...LOL, I always knew this was possible...

  13. I didn't watch the video yet, but the article was great. I've heard great things about the Hitachi Magic Wand. There is no way on earth that I would be brave enough to participate in a project like this! Mostly because I have a tendency to say really weird things when I'm in the throes of passion.

  14. Mrs. A- You are right! High Class Penthouse Forum indeed! And I take my reading material with me to doctors' offices. Experience has shown this to be the wisest course. It won't be long before there are no magazines in doctors' offices. Everyone seems quite content to stare at their phones now.

    NOLA- Good question!

    Mama D- You can see why the article held my attention.

    Elizabeth- Do you suppose there's a waiting list?

    Steve Reed- You truly did make me laugh out loud. There are probably quite a few straight guys who haven't seen a woman have an authentic orgasm in thirty years as well.

    Magnum- Ha! You're probably right.

    Rebecca- I thought you might.

    Jo- It's sort of a mindblower, isn't it?

    Birdie- As with all of the most simple things- they are often brilliant.

    e- Proof!

    Heartinhand- I feel that you may not be the only one! (Who, me?)

  15. Mary, it shouldn't be, but I guess it has become one - when you live in a society that censors a woman's orgasm in film more than a woman being violently murdered. Why has women's pleasure become so taboo?

    I suspect my online life has more female orgasms in it than that of many, so my mind isn't blown, I just think it's ... great. More of this sort of thing, please.

  16. Well, I find it fascinating. And I try not to even think about adding value judgements to that kind of thing. I am off to watch the rest of them, and love them I'm sure. Maybe share them with Babes... :-)


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