Friday, July 17, 2015

Doldrums, Part 2

I have not had much joi de vivre today. No. Severely lacking in the ol' joi de vivre even with those beautiful zinnias which are pretty much the very definition of joi de vivre.

The garden is looking sparse. All of the big tomatoes are about done, the cherry tomatoes getting smaller and smaller but we are still picking and eating and enjoying them. My first row of cucumbers is definitely done and the second row? Well, it's growing and blooming. Will I get any cucumbers? We shall see. The okra is finally putting out flowers and tiny baby okras. They look like the Jolly Green Giant's newborn baby boys' penises. So tender and hopeful and green. The watermelon and cantaloupes are blooming and spreading like crazy but I haven't seen any fruit yet and I don't have much hope for them. I planted way too late. I am still getting crowder peas and black-eyed peas and the purple hull peas are just starting to really come on. I spent a good two hours this afternoon shelling some. I tell you what- when you go to the farmer's market and they want seven bucks for a smallish-sized ziplock bag of those things, don't complain.

Those are crowders, black-eyes, a few purple hulls, some of the over-ripe beans of the yard-long pods and a few of the yard-long snaps. 

Elvira and Lisa Marie are getting their tail feathers. Here's a sort of blurry shot of Elvira. 

She's growing up. She's starting to show just the slightest bit of rust-color like her mama, like her sister. Mutt chickens. I love them. I feel certain that Lisa Marie will lay brown eggs but I am not sure what color Elvira's will be. Time will tell. 

I worked a little bit in the yard today but honestly, it's just too hot. I keep seeing things I need to attend to but haven't the energy. I noticed yesterday that the bleeding heart vine I'd thought died last winter is thriving and growing. Unfortunately, I planted my Mother's Day azalea right on top of it and it, too, is thriving. What to do? What to do? 
I thought I'd given it plenty of time to make its reappearance if it was still alive, but obviously not. 

I think I'll get my husband to shake up a martini and see if that brings any joi. I doubt we'll sit on the porch. Too many damn bugs and...the heat. Or maybe we will. Thunder's rolling off in the distance and it's always a joi to watch a storm come in although the radar doesn't really look like that's going to happen. 
One never knows though. 

Talk to you tomorrow. I think we need to go swimming in a cold, cold river. 
It sure would feel fine to shiver.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. how did the fig preserves come out?

    for me, being home and having the freedom to do nothing is the best vacation- getting the get all together makes me very anxious, and then i worry about the pets if the dogs are not with us.

    mostly i think i am happy to be just at home because for the majority of my life, i never had that, that home concept.

    anyways, hope your doldrums pass. we are having florida weather here, 90+ degrees, very high humidity, which certainly makes me feel like doing even less of nothing, esp in the heat of the afternoon.


  2. Mrs. A- The preserves came out lovely. Thank you for asking! And of course, I am so happy at home doing homey things but I know that I need to get out and do new things, things with people. Right? I need to do that? And this heat- Jesus. It's like trying to breathe underwater without a snorkel, as my friend Liz says.

  3. Do the chickens seem to mind the heat? I dislike heat and humidity SO MUCH. I would be bringing the animals inside and turning on the air conditioning if I lived there and was lucky enough to have it.

  4. jenny_o- I think they take more naps and soon they will begin to moult which means they won't be laying as many eggs. So yes. To everything there is a season.

  5. Well, it sounds like a pretty nice day, all in all. The "joie de vivre" is sometimes a subtle thing.

    As for the cold cold river -- Ichetucknee! It awaits!

  6. Steve Reed- The Wacissa is not that far from our house. I think that's where we're going.

  7. I think I would kick back, get nekid! and have that martini in bed with the fan buzzing. Yes I would. I surely would!

  8. Very hot here too. I have been riding either in the early morning or late evening. And I started jogging again. It has felt good. Very sweaty but good.


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