Sunday, July 19, 2015

Probably None Of My Business, But

Another hot, crickets buzzing, chicken scratching, hang-the-clothes-on-the-line sort of day.
Nothing new to report here at all but after a quick perusal of the news I will say this:

1. About Donald Trump- I just, I don't, I can't...WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK????!!!!

2. Bill Cosby should be in jail. Free fifty non-violent drug offenders serving time and give him a big old cell worthy of his status and don't ever let him out.
Son of a goddam bitch, he's a sick motherfucker and if he'd ever come forth and said, "Dude, I'm a sick motherfucker and I need help," I might be inclined to look a bit more leniently on his ass but he never has and he never will unless he actually is facing jail time (and I doubt that'll happen) and he has caused more pain with his actions, denials, and cover-ups than he'll ever know.
Trust me.
To be abused sexually in any way and then to gather and find the courage to come forward and ask for justice and then to be called a liar, a trouble-maker, an attention and money-seeker is to be abused twice.
Bill Cosby was THE father figure of his time. He based his entire career on being a father-figure. He had power, money, and lawyers. He had cool and cuddly sweaters and ate pudding with children on TV and made funny faces. He presented himself as wise, kind, just, and above all criticism. He was the dad we all wanted.
And he made a lot of women believe he was truly interested in them, their careers, their families, their struggles, their educations. Just as a good father would.

And then he drugged and raped them.

What else is there to say?

3. Dear Scott Walker,
Anyone who says that homosexuality may be a choice has obviously, at some point in their lives, struggled with his or her own feelings concerning their own sexuality.

This is just my theory but I think it's probably a valid one and far more easily proven than my theory about humans being a genetic experiment between apes and aliens.
Although they'll get to the bottom of that one one of these days.

Okay. That's all. I think I'm going to try and work outside some today. I realize how important that is to me- to be outside doing things in my yard and my garden- and how it's something I need to do, no matter the weather. I may not do as much of it when it's this hot, but any little bit is better than nothing and my soul appreciates the effort.

Be well, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We are completely of one mind today, my friend.

    Just puttered around the yard a bit and that's enough. It's been so long since we've had rain, I've emptied my rain barrels with the regular watering of plants. Hopefully soon. I have laundry on the line, which is extremely peculiar - it's in plain view from a busy street (mostly busy with pedestrians) and I cannot think of anyplace else in New Orleans somebody would be so gauche.

    This morning I woke up and was yearning for a more private space, less urban. I'm just not really always in the mood to chat up the passers-by when I'm just trying to do bits of work. But I make do with what I have.

  2. You speak for many, many people, Mary Moon. The Trump idiocy will (hopefully!) fade as summer ends. It surely has to! The coverage of the Cosby outrage should NOT end until the rat bastard faces punishment. And his damn wife, too. You write so well, with such feeling, and so often I realize you are speaking for me, if I could only find the words.

  3. Does Donald Trump really have no idea that the world is looking at him and laughing? What a fucking twit. Very least he needs to lose the toupee. He looks foolish. He is also a bully. I would like to know who will be voting for him.

    Bill Cosby. It is obvious that he is guilty as sin but he isn't just in denial, I truly think he feels what he did was not wrong. Maybe he is a sociopath and doesn't even get the difference between right and wrong.

    I don't know who Scott Walker is but after reading a few sentences of the link I don't want to. It is too exhausting keeping up with the assholes in the world.

  4. Amen to all that, Mary. I'm not even unconvinced by your ape/alien theory.

  5. Great quote by radio dj here about Donald Trump - 'He's an oaf. You may know him from The Apprentice, and from... being an oaf.'

  6. Trump and Cosby are a lot alike. They both have more money than God and think that gives them the right to be an asshole. I read,part of a deposition Cosby gave several years ago and was sickened! He truly believes that because he has money and can 'mentor' women, his drugging and raping of them is all just fine. I believe I'm going to have to turn my back on the news for awhile. As for Trump, he's a dick, plain and simple. I have never had anything good to say about him, and he continues to validate my opinion of him.

  7. That Cosby business is a tough one. When I lived in a small African country during the late 1980s/early 1990s, The Cosby Show was on constant replay every Sat. evening on the one and only tv channel. I think most people there believed this to be the US, all cuddly and clever and family. I enjoyed their fantasy just as much.
    He is of course guilty as hell and I wonder if this may stir up that Woody Allen creepiness again. Because he gives me the shivers, too.

  8. NOLA- I love the balance I have here between privacy and still being part of a community. It feels really right to me. And I could NEVER live in a place where I couldn't hang my clothes on the line. Oh hell, no. May you get rain soon.

    Nora- I wrote a friend today that I was mad at Cosby's wife, too. Her silence has provided him protection. Just like how it goes in a dysfunctional family. There is an abuser. There is a protector. This is just all of that, writ large.

    Birdie- See? This is the thing. I just can't believe that even Trump would put himself in such a bizarre place. Unfortunately, there are plenty of asshole racist people who would vote for him. The USA is a strange place.
    I think you're probably right about Cosby. He's drunk his own Kool-Aid. And honey, you really don't need to know anything about Scott Walker. Trust me.

    Jo- It makes perfect sense to me. Especially after I saw that obviously alien woman in Cozumel, working at one of the state parks.
    "Oaf" is a kind word for Trump.

    Catrina- Amen and amen. Money does NOT give people the right to be cruel.

    Sabine- Yes. Exactly. I will never be able to watch another Woody Allen movie with a guilt-free conscience. I don't care what sort of genius he is. And as to Cosby? He fooled us all. More's the pity. More's the shame.

  9. Bill Cosby is dead to me. Forever more.

  10. When Bill Cosby put out that goofy treatise on morality some years ago that everyone was passing along, he made me ill. I always think there's some darkness being covered up when people get all moralistic publicly like that. But who could have possibly known what a sick fuck he really is except all those women whom he abused. So awful. I sure hope Whoopi makes some sort of apology for supporting him.

    As for Scott Walker, you left out idiot. Oh, and Trump too. I know "idiot" isn't a kind word, but these men just must be. Idiots.

  11. OMG. I love me some Sister Moon. Donald Trump--exactly. WTF? Bill Cosby OMG WTdoubleF? Insanity. Too many crazy people out there. Uggggh.

  12. You listed three people that I find odorous. Nothing much else to say.

  13. Angella- And it's just horrible, isn't it? Like learning that a so-very trusted uncle was actually molesting his daughters. Ugh. There is grief in my anger.

    Elizabeth- One of my favorite quotes and it's from Montaigne:
    "Of Experience": "Between ourselves, these are two things that I have always observed to be in singular accord: supercelestial thoughts and subterranean conduct.

    Idiot is a fine word. Sometimes it's the only one that will do.

    Grady Doctor- Fucking depression, isn't it?

    Syd- Yes sir. Also a good word. "Odorous."

    The Aging Female Baby Boomer- Thank you.


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