Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It is July 1 and so it goes, the year half over already.
The little storm we had last night was nothing compared to what happened in Tallahassee where about half of the entire city lost power as trees snapped and fell. No one was hurt, supposedly, and I can never figure out how that can happen but thank goodness it does.

It's my Lis I'm going to go see today. I just talked to her and she's so happy to be at home although, because Lis is Lis, she said concerning the hospital, "It was a fabulous experience for what it was."
I mean...seriously?
That woman.

I hear that people are bringing food to her from far and wide so we'll be lounging about, taking little walks, heating up delicious things to eat and enjoying each other's company. And with me there, hopefully Lon can catch up a little on what he needs to do. He's been the best caretaker, the sweetest. The most loving. Of course.

And of course, I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to leave here. It's been almost forever since I truly left home. Will Mr. Moon be able to take care of himself and the chickens and the duck and the cat? Of course he will. Will he pick the crowder peas? Will he keep up with the cherry tomatoes? Will he overdose on soup?
Oh, he'll be fine. He'll be fine.

My chickens have laid me six eggs already, I am going to pack now.

I will catch up later from the Enchanted Kingdom of Gator Bone.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Safe travels to Gator Bone, and may Lis be comforted by you and almost certainly healed very quickly!

  2. So glad Lis is doing ok. Of course everything will be fine while you're gone. x

  3. I think I knew it was Lis, and I was praying hard for her. What a woman! I love what she said about the hospital, all things considered. Talk about looking on the bright side. Enjoy your time with your sister spirit. Laugh a lot. You two always do. Love.


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