Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Church Edition- Gotta Walk Before I Run, Gotta Move While It's Still Fun

Looks to me like one of my boyfriends is taking wardrobe tips from another one of my boyfriends.
I do love a man with sartorial flair.

A woman named Lucy Moutlon took that shot of Keith at the Detroit concert a few nights ago. With her iPhone. 

Some days I just need some Keith in my life. Today's one of them. I wake up, I think, "God. I hope Keith Richards is still alive."
And then he is and so am I and there you go and we'll get through it. 
He's even releasing his first solo album in 23 years in September. 
"Crosseyed Heart."

Anyway, enough of the Keith news. And Saint Bill Murray news. I'm off to town to go to Costco and have lunch with various of my babies. If I can remember how to drive to town.
I think I can.
And I can always find my way home. 

Stay alive.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had my head down and I missed a lot! Thinking of you hard today and off to read your other posts that I missed. Love you, woman.

  2. Sometimes going to Costco and having a huge fucking hot dog with a drink is just what you need. I did that yesterday. Bliss!

  3. Half a hotdog and a poutine! Split with a friend, it's only 2 billion calories!

  4. ellen abbott- Seriously.

    Angella- Love YOU, Woman!

    Birdie- I never eat the food there. I mean, not the food they sell in the snack bar. Is that wrong?

    Heartinhand- Two billion? That's quite a few.

  5. Have you seen the iPhone ads featuring photos taken with the iPhone camera? It really IS an amazing camera, for a phone. As Lucy's photo demonstrates.

  6. I just love the poster for that new Bill Murray movie Rock the Kasbah and I haven't wanted a movie poster in nearly 20 years


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