Saturday, July 11, 2015

Unrest But Not So Bad

Hello, dear ones and how are you? Maurice and I are fine. They must be having a work day next door at the church because there is much whipping of weeds and so forth and Lloyd just seems very busy and noisy today and that reflects what is in my head. Even the crickets and radar plane seem especially loud. A train just went by and I heard a siren a little earlier and sometimes even Lloyd is a bit too urban for me.
No. True.

BUT, everything will simma-down, now, I am sure.

Got some things going on around here that I'm not discussing as of yet but I have great faith that all will be well. Just life, you know, and it's not really mine to talk about so I won't but as we all know, it doesn't take much to push my anxiety buttons. I am back to the crazy dreams filled with chaos and people sleeping everywhere and music festivals and my mother's old house and washing machines that don't work and children who need tending and, and, and.

I will just say that at least I KNOW I am crazy and accept that fully and can proceed from there. Does that make sense?
To some of you it will.

Meanwhile, here we are and as far as I know, Keith Richards is still alive and so are all of my loved ones and I hope that all is well with you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope things resolve quickly.

    I found this last night, am thinking a try might be harmless:

  2. I hope things DO simma down, in all ways, for you - and soon.

  3. feeling helpless about whatever is going on you aren't talking about?

    we get traffic noise from business 59 which our street is off of but we are at the far end of the long block from there. actually, we're kind of at the apex of a triangle formed by two roads that empty onto business 59. but lots of trees and houses between us and the 'base' of the triangle that SHOULD block the noise. some weird acoustics around here I guess because by the time we can see the cars passing on business 59 through a small slice of open field, we can't hear it anymore. Only as it approached and out of sight. it's only bad in the mornings and evenings when people are commuting. quiet enough during the day.

  4. I hear your crazy and love you for sharing it.

  5. I hope whatever is going on resolves, and happily, soon. :)

  6. I was saying in my head last night that Ms Moon doesn't seem quite like herself. I didn't know why. Mi too hope things will be ok soon. I send you a hug and lots of love.

  7. We get lots of airplane noise, helicopter noise and sirens as we are not very far from a hospital. The train noise used to scare me at my aunt's house in Lake Alfred. I hope whatever it is you can't talk about turns out ok. Gail

  8. And good wishes from me as well. I hope your dreams get happier too. X

  9. Hate that I have been so absent from here. But life is wonderfully busy in lots of good ways here. And my mind is full of ideas about social justice and agitating. LOL.


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