Friday, July 17, 2015

Do Any Of You Remember This?

As I recall, my 9th grade English teacher, the beloved Mrs. Gilbert, took all of us to go and see this movie. Can you even imagine that happening now?
And we had to dress up. The girls were advised to wear "heels, hose, and gloves."We got on a bus and drove to Tampa to see it. And I can't even tell you how many times I've seen it since.
My first glance at a man's lovely ass. My introduction to a Shakespeare who was living and well and as alive and vibrant as anything that was happening in 1969.
Bless you, Ms. Gilbert.
I still can hardly name a more beautiful movie.


  1. My teacher showed us this movie but it was on a crappy TV. I just watched the whole clip and want to see the rest of it. The Love Theme to Romeo & Juliet is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever .

  2. Birdie- Oh my god. Yes. That piece of music and my hormones both came about at the same time. It is a beautiful, powerful movie.

  3. Wow. We went to see this in eighth grade as a class too. Oh you bring back memories!

  4. I will have to see if that one is available on Netflix or something. I have never seen this version.

  5. My first glance at a man's lovely ass, too! :)

    (Oh, wait. That's not true. Locker rooms.)

    Did you go see this at that old cinema on Hillsborough Avenue? I went with my ninth grade class to see it there! It's since been torn down.

    A few years ago I asked a friend of mine, a high school English teacher, whether they still show this to students, and she said yes. They probably show it in a classroom, though, and probably don't make them wear heels and gloves.

  6. Angella- I love the fact that because it was Shakespeare, the nudity was okay.

    Mr. Shife- It was groundbreaking in that Romeo and Juliet were played by people the same age as Shakespeare had written them. Plus, it was completely beautiful.

    Steve Reed- Haha! I don't remember what theater we saw it in. But I do remember what I wore! Isn't that funny?

    Jo- It truly was!

  7. Ooo maybe I should watch that sometime. I do like a pretty bum. Did you have that martini? We're about to have drinks on our Spanish terrace.

  8. Zeffirelli made another gorgeous movie called Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Seek it out. His movies are lush and sensuous and rich, like the Glades. And he was queer so no shortage of beautiful men. Michael York, yum.

    XXX Beth

  9. I can't remember when I saw it. Or the circumstances. Maybe I was more interested in Juliet. Oh many movies and so little time.

  10. My 9th grade English teacher played the movie for us in class on VHS. This would have been 1991/1992


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