Wednesday, July 8, 2015

And What Did The Author Mean?

Today has been a day of one simple thing after another. And yet, in it, I've read an amazing short story by Colum McCaan, had a major insight when a friend texted me and said that the story might include "triggers" and read an article in an older New Yorker about how the right, politically speaking, is on the forefront of prison reform which absolutely blew my mind. Who knew?

Things are going on here in my world. Some are serious and some are not quite-so and I am trying to keep my little nose above water and take each wave as it comes.

I am picking vegetables, dealing with chicken poop, baking "fried" green tomatoes, getting rid of stuff, cleaning stuff, and enjoying have a dishwasher, and mostly talking to Lis everyday which is more of a joy than I can relate.

I am trying to concentrate not only on what is directly before me but on things happening in the world. I am trying to hold my own world together and put one foot in front of the other.

One simple thing after another.

We simply cannot try to grasp on to that which we do not have all of the information to grasp. We must be patient. We must wait.

In the meanwhile, there is love and there are fried green tomatoes and roasted corn.

Read that story if you get a chance and if you do, tell me what YOU think it's about. No. I'm not your Eng Lit teacher. I am just curious.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. I just read the story. What moved me was this: The rapist appears to have changed, undergone transformation and become a new man, a respectable man working for peace.This image is broadcast world wide. We learn that the man has not been transformed at all. Beverly is haunted by her past, has been for 3 decades. She bears the scars on her body. In her journey to track Carlos down, she is the one who transforms. She reveals the scars on her breasts to Carlos while he denies everything. Those images are also recorded on the shop's security video. Sometimes images fool us. Sometimes they reveal the truth. Beverly knows the difference. She is healed and achieves what she set out to do. Carlos proves he's still evil.
    Good story. I love the novel Let the Great World Spin. Very complex, rich, and worth diving into.

    What do YOU think?

  2. I love you, Mary Moon, and I am so grateful for your tender care for our friend who needed you more than needing. You are, truly, a blessing to the circle in which you are held in such high regard. Foolishly, I've missed many chances to say this to you out loud. So although this is late and the forum and context aren't quite right: I love you. I admire you, SO much more than I can articulate, as a writer and theatrical participant and a gardener and a cook and a mother and a friend and a grandmother and a keeper of chickens...and I cannot wait to see you again, with arms open for a hug, overdue.

  3. Well, I am LOVING what Angela Christensen has written. How utterly beautiful, and I'm sure true. I read that story and marveled, again, at McCann's ability to just about convey everything important about life through story. His imagination is prodigious and his ability to write complete characters amazing. I agree with Denise, and I also think it's an important story about Ireland -- its history with the church, the Church in particular. I'm going to ask my Irish professor friend what she thinks and will report back.

  4. Mesmerizing story. And thank you for linking to the website. I'm always looking for quality reading.

    But I would guess that it was a hard read for you. And I am sad for that reality. I wish peace for you.

  5. I am so behind on my New Yorkers. Like, weeks and weeks. I cannot read New Yorkers and read a book at the same time. I guess I'm just limited that way.

  6. Denise- We had very similar takes on the story. And yes- the witnesses of image and of the clerk put the very correct and right cherry on top of the milkshake. Perfect.
    I have read that book. It was good. I liked this story even more.

    Angie C- Girl! I love you! But as you well know, any time spent with that couple is time spent in glory and love. I have no doubt that I got more out of that visit than they did. Aren't we lucky to know them? Yes! We are! And I am lucky to know you and thank you for those sweet, sweet words. They mean more to me than you can know.
    Hugs soon!

    Elizabeth- Thank YOU for turning me on to McCaan. I never would have read anything by him if not for you. And there are so many threads in this story which bear examination. The Irish one, very much so.
    Isn't Angie the sweetest?

    Jenny_o- I find Esquire's quality of writing to always be superior.

    Steve Reed- Me too! When a new one comes in I sigh with the knowledge that now I am behind YET ONE MORE ISSUE!

  7. We don't get magazines much anymore because I cannot keep up and then I start to feel bad. I also feel the same way about blogs and blogging.


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