Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No News Is...No News

Well, it's been a long day.

On Monday Mr. Moon heard from the neurologist's office that they'd like him to come in for his EMG today and they'd share the MRI results then.
Originally, the EMG had been scheduled for August 1, so of course I go into La-La Land, imagining every sort of horrible thing that could be happening and this morning we were at the office at 9:00 am and waited and waited and waited and then got called back into the office and the tech did part of the EMG and then we waited and waited and waited and finally the doc came in. He started talking about the most completely random things while sticking needles into my husband's legs and registering whatever on the little EMG machine and we were just carrying on like we were all sitting around having a few beers and I was, by that point, disassociating so hard they're probably trying to scrape my essence off the ceiling of that room right now.
Finally, he says, "Okay, get your clothes on and let's go talk in my office," and we go in there and the doc starts talking about a lot of stuff and then somewhere in there he's saying that the MRI didn't show anything that would explain the nerve damage in the legs and there you go.
He wants to do blood tests for everything from Lyme to Lupus but I suspect that he suspects that this is a genetic thing (and he threw in the idea of a geneticist too, just for good measure, as well as doing a consult with a neurosurgeon but he didn't seem to think that was going to add up to much) so at this point, we know NOTHING except that there's nothing major going on in the spine and I suppose that's very good news but it doesn't really help my man much.
And at least Mr. Moon is not, apparently, going to be having any surgery anytime soon which is good because not only do we have two grandbabies coming but there is gator-hunting season coming on and then elk and oh yes, the regular deer season so THE MAN HAS NO TIME TO BE MESSING AROUND WITH SURGERY! OKAY?!

We finally got out of there at 11:30 and went and had lunch at Fanny's so we could see our May and then he went back to work and I was going to come home and go to bed for the rest of the day but Lily texted and asked if I'd like to go to the river with her and the boys and so I said, "Sure," and we did and we all got in the coldy water and it really was nice and at one point, I found myself just standing in the river up to my waist, looking at the lily pads and trees and the breeze ruffled the surface of the water and I felt myself relaxing and it was good. It was very good.

Obviously, this is my new scene, the Wacissa River, and there are worse scenes.

So that was my day and here I am and thunder is rolling to the south and next time I go to the river I am going to take my little chair so that I can park my ass in the water.

I am a little bit overwhelmed but overall, incredibly, extremely grateful and I think this is a very good doctor, although he's just a bit of a character but he is confident and seems to be the sort of doc who wants to get to the bottom of things and my husband feels very comfortable with him.

And then of course, there are these guys.

They insisted on warm showers and snacks when they brought me home because of course this is what you do at Mer Mer's house. Have warm showers and snacks. And so they did.
"Bye, Mommy," Gibson said when Lily was gathering up everything to go. "I stay here."
When we told him that no, actually he was going to his house, he was fine with that too.

Ah, the wind is picking up and the magnolia's top branches are swaying and I think we're going to sleep well tonight. At least I hope so.

Let's face it- it's summer in Florida and the heat and the sky and the trees are presences of and unto themselves. And it's all changing every five minutes, not unlike the surface of the river, and we might as well just relax into it, take it as it comes, because honestly, there is no other way. Take ourselves to the river, dunk our bodies in, raise our faces to the sky, and let it be.


  1. Healthcare in the US fir those with good insurance is bloody wonderful
    Remember that x

  2. John Gray- Yes. It can be. It depends on where one lives, what the doctors are like in your area. It can be complete shit. Trust me. We have only had insurance for a few years now. I am so grateful for it. I think this doctor is a good one.

  3. I'm very relieved, even though it's still a question. That's how it often goes in neurology-land. I'm glad your protective reflexes took you out -- I think dissociation is a lovely thing sometimes. And it sounds like you got the real thing when you stood in the river.

  4. Well, I'm glad they didn't find anything in the spine, but it is a bitch to not know.

  5. And I'm glad you got back to the river :)

  6. Whew.

    Yes. Go down to that river. Soak in it.

    Xo to you and Mr. Moon.

  7. I feel bad for Mr. Moon. It sounds like his pain must be pretty bad to warrant all this testing. My guess is if he is like most men it was like pulling teeth just to get them to make an appointment. Yesterday I had to phone my husband's doctor to make him an appointment because he can barely walk because his hips are so sore. So far, he hasn't cancelled the appointment. I think he is afraid of what I will do.

  8. Elizabeth- I think it's so funny that after all these years, I've just rediscovered this river. I've been missing out for so long.
    And I'm afraid you're right about neurology.

    Stephanie- I know! How can we make it better if we don't know?

    Denise- Thank you, woman. So much.

    Birdie- He's been in NO pain. I mean it. Which is also weird. I hope your husband gets to that appointment!

  9. I hope nothing turns up. Or something not too daunting, just to explain Mr Moon's symptoms. Only that.

    I'm kind of missing the river from my childhood, although I don't like bodies of water generally. I always did like the river, though. You made me laugh with the image of you, in your chair, in the water :)

  10. I'm so glad it's not the worst case scenario or even the less worse scenario. Sometimes these things happen and it's a mystery but not a dangerous one. Sounds like the case here.

  11. I'm glad the MRI was clear. How strange. It's good the doctor wants to keep checking things out, but it does sound like maybe Mr Moon is just made that way!

    That river sounds amazing. I've never been to the Wacissa!

  12. Once again, I'm playing catch up.
    The coldy River sounds like a place if dunk my ass into if I was in the Florida heat!
    I'm happy to read that your grandies are thriving, the ones on the ground and the ones in the wombs!
    I have to admit, I disassociated there for a little bit with all the doctor talk. I'll probably die of an ingrown toenail.
    Stay gold, Mary!

  13. Mystery problems, not good. I'm delighted they didn't find anything sinister but... yeah, knowing would be better.

    Knees are terribly designed.

    The river sound great. Love it. Sitting in a chair in the river is an odd image, but cleary the most sensible thing to do in the heat! Those sweet boys :)

  14. jenny_o- Well, it would be best if we could figure out what is happening so that possibly things can be reversed.
    This is not just a river, it's really a springhead which makes the water so lovely.
    And cold.

    Angella- We are hoping for all of the best. Thank you, sweetie.

    Steve Reed- It's pretty nice, actually. Strange little set-up in that it's a county thing so there seem to be no rules. Someone's been camping there for a few days. Tents and everything.

    Heartinhand- You too, honey. Hey! I've lost your e-mail. If you read this, could you shoot me another? Thanks.

    Jo- Humans are not yet fully evolved as to bi-pedalism, I think.
    I know I didn't spell that right. Sorry.
    I have one of those short chairs which would be perfect to sit in in the water. Dig my toes in the sand, let the water cool my butt.

  15. A cool butt is next to Godliness, isn't that what they say?

  16. Well there's not much to say to that, other than to wish you all the best of everything. x


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