Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rebirth And Renewal

Bless and bless the sweet cold river, the birds and the fishes, the gators (we saw two) and the people, yes, we have to bless them too.

All of it soothed me, cooled me, filled me.

The man as well. 

His hand on my old age spotted leg, his heart as big as a cypress tree. As big as the sky. As steady as the river. 

When I was holding the boat at the dock, waiting for Glen to pull the trailer down, I talked to a woman who is a massage therapist and a self-proclaimed street preacher. I was holding a beer and she said, "Don't be worried to drink in front of me. I have a buzz myself."
I sort of knew that and was not worried one bit. 

There were babies of all colors and a man in a wheelchair pulled far enough into the river for him to receive the blessings of it. His woman hovered over him and did not get farther than arm's length from him. Children swinging off the rope swing to fall into the spring head with a splash. Kayakers and folks in canoes, air boats and little jon boats. Girls in bikinis and men with man buns. Pregnant ladies and men throwing out lines for fish. Redneck guys soaking in the water, beers in hand, giving shit to the fifteen-year old kid running a canoe rental business right there at the beach. 
"We give him shit," said one of them to me, "but he knows we love him." They bragged on him. 
"Fifteen years old!" they said. "And if you get stuck, he'll come get you in his boat. Like if you get too drunk or something. He'll come tow you out!"

What a good day. 

Our friend who lends us his flats boat sent over four kid chairs that he salvaged, repaired and painted. 

They are like an art project. They remind me of Mexico. I love them. Four chairs for four grands. 

One sad note. My old hen Miss Trixie is dying, I think. Her poop has been really weird and she hasn't come out of the hen house all day, but is sitting up on the roost. She is my croon-singing hen. 

I sure will miss her. 

I am so thankful for this day where my feet got to squish in the mud of the river where beneath me lay the bones of fantastical animals long gone, the tools of people who lived here eons past, the shells of tiny creatures. Where dragon flies and damsel flies darted and landed on me to rest for awhile. Where the river received and revived me and baptized me in the name of water. 

Which is holy. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mm, I like your river sermon today.

    I've never really had much to do with rivers. I suppose because we've always been close to the sea. And the rivers here are bloody cold, water from the mountains. Love your story today though.

    Those chairs are great.

  2. O any body of cool water, I'll take it. I'm a real Pisces, obviously. Beautiful crayon-colored chairs for the wee ones.

    I love you always,


  3. Ahhh ... river water. We live almost surrounded by ocean, but I grew up close to a fresh water river, and that's the kind of water I love. Your day sounds beautiful.

  4. Any body of water has a calming effect to on me. It sounds like it works for you, too. So glad you found your calm today!

  5. Yes, this is a beautiful river sermon. "Down by the river" is such a beautiful phrase, and you've painted a picture here --

  6. Yes the water is spirit, isn't it? I remember when a friend and I were both 8 months bearing child and we sat in a river in Jackson, Mississippi with our other children and we absolutely could not get out! The mud formed a cast around our big bodies and we were stuck there forever were it not for the help of our men.

  7. Do you swim where you see alligators? Fine mellow river words, and great little chairs like a row of crayons!

  8. This is a hymn. Love that photo with mr moon's hand on your leg. It speaks volumes.

  9. What a wonderful relaxing day you had. By the way, Kelly and Brandon were at my youngest grandson's 3rd birthday party yesterday morning and I got to see that precious little boy of theirs! So cute. I've been on a blogging break this summer. Right now I'm trying to recover from a 12 day trek I took through the Alps with my son ( I put a few pics on my blog yesterday) and resting up for a grandkid onslaught this week. We have big plans!

  10. I'm glad you spent some time with your love on the river.
    I'm sad to read Miss Trixie is falling ill.
    I love those four chairs for four grands!
    I love your garden and all it gives you.
    Your flowers are divine.
    Hugs to you today.

  11. Oh what a lovely post. I've been on the run and am just catching up. This post is a hymn, all the pictures are wonderful, all the news is interesting, and those chairs are delightful. Love those colors, love that someone made them for your grands. Be still my heart.
    Sorry about Miss Trixie. The cirle of life sucks sometimes.
    I wish her a peaceful end and hope you aren't too sad.


  12. I hope that if Miss Trixie is going it is not difficult.

    I am a Minnesotan for sure - as I read about the river all I could think is that I don't know how you all can go in water when there could be an alligator :)

  13. Nothing like the water on a hot day. Looks fantastic. I love being on the boat more than just about anything.


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