Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yearning For Release

Well, my spate of not having anything to say seems to have continued. It's gray, it's a bit gloomy, I have numerous things I need to do and it is absolutely not true that if you pluck a hair over and over it will finally quit growing.

So honestly, you don't want to know what's in my mind today (a field of continually plucked and yet ever-growing hairs, as it were) and to be brutally honest, I want my dogs to die more than I ever have which is a whole lot. Do you know what my guest room smells like? Yeah. Dog pee.
Do you know what my living room smells like?
You're right! Dog pee!
Is it truly "quality of life" if the best thing you can say about two animals is that your grandchild likes to give them dog treats? Which he practically has to shove into their mouths because they can't see the treats?

All right. That's quite enough of THAT, Ms. Moon.

I expect the ASPCA to come calling any moment. GOOD! Come on, take custody of these animals.

I wish.

Hopefully, the day will proceed in a better manner.


  1. As a dog lover, I give you permission to have them put down. Dignity in death should come to those who don't have control over their pissing. That's my two bits.

    P.S. There's a missing cat in my neighborhood, they've put up posters. If mine went missing, I would not do that. If my dog went missing? I'd call the Prime. Minister.

    Night-night needle, Ms. Moon.


  2. heartinhand- Here's the deal- those dogs are not incontinent. They just want to pee where they want to pee. As they have always done.

  3. I have discovered the same thing about a plucked hair. You don't want to know.

  4. I am a pale redhead who sprouts black hairs out of my nipples so lets have a drink sometime.

    I am, though, truly sorry about the dogs. I would want them to die too.

  5. I was going to say the same thing heartinhand said -- that maybe you should consider having them put down, especially if they're blind and incontinent. If they're NOT incontinent, but just obstinate, is it an option to keep them entirely outside?

    I would never want to encourage a healthy dog to be put down -- but at the same time you're entitled to your sanity, and they are old and blind. Maybe it's time to seriously consider the options.

  6. Aw, I truly hope your day gets better. Did some time plucking hairs on my chin, today. Sucks.

  7. I didn't like putting my dog down, but life was so much better when I did. It's the right thing to do, at this stage, it really is.

  8. Aaarrrgh. The dog thing. Can't they be confined to one room?
    I adored my dogs....but I couldn't handle the commitment right now. If a dog peed on my floor, given the other stuff that's going on, I'd be rolling in it babbling like an idiot, then roasting dog chops over the fire like a bonobo roasting marshmallows.

  9. Angella- I think I do know. Dammit.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Ah. Just tell me what you want to drink. I will provide.
    Thanks for what you said about the dogs.

    Steve Reed- They have always been inside and outside dogs. They have access to the outside all the time almost. So I don't know.

    Midlife Roadtripper- Hair is so weird. Why does it grow in such bizarre places?

    Jo- It will happen. Eventually. God.

    Denise- I love the fact that you have thoughts as crazy as my own. Thank you. I mean that. I love you.

  10. I think I've typed out the same comment many times when you've posted about your dogs:

    Well, you know what I think.

  11. I wonder if you can hire a hitman for dogs?

  12. Elizabeth- Yes. And yes.

    Birdie- I have considered that.

  13. I think the toy breeds, like miniature poodles and other little lap dogs, are notoriously hard to house train. I like the idea of using a crate and putting them in the crate when they aren't outside. Or perhaps having a room just for the dogs.
    It is a hassle to have animals pissing in the house. We crate trained our dogs at an early age and that really helped. Maybe too late for old dogs to learn new tricks though.


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