Friday, April 4, 2014

Apalachicola, Florida

This is the view from our balcony. The shrimp boats are heading out, the breeze is blowing, the gulls are calling. 
As I drove over here I was struck once again by the various and diverse beauty of where I make my home. Miles and miles of woods, wild flowers carpeting the roadside. Then the coast, with the flat blue water, the pines. Bear Crossing signs abound. The little towns, the long stretches of not much. Tupelo honey for sale. Boiled peanuts. The biker oyster bar. Rivers to cross, cabins tucked into the trees on the banks as if they had grown there rather than been built.
Fantasies of different lives unspool.
And when I crossed the splendid bridge which leads into Apalachicola and drove the few blocks to where we are staying, there was my husband and I was so glad to see him. 
His sister is here now too and we have been to the Piggly Wiggley for fruit and yogurt and chips and salsa and beer and juice. 
Soon we will go out for supper. 
Seafood will be involved. 
I feel a little shaky both in mind and body but not anxious. 

This is all and more than I could ask for. 

Here I am on the Apalachicola river right where it leads into the bay creating one of the most magnificent estuaries in the world.
I can't even tell you how blessed I feel. A dove calls. A pelican floats inches above the water. A couple walks past, holding hands. They look long-married, well-matched.

Peace...Ms. Moon


  1. I too create fantasy lives for people I pass on any journey. What little universes we all are spinning in proximity to one another, sometimes blessed to cross paths and travel a ways together. Have fun Moons!

  2. Looks fabulous, sounds fabulous. I am so glad you're there and enjoying yourself. :)


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