Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Busy, Good Day

I went to the Post Office this morning and was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to find a line of three people. That's more than you see in line during the Christmas season.
I waited and mailed off my package and as I left the parking lot to go on my walk, a guy stopped his truck, got out and started talking to me. I had no idea who he was but he informed that he has now chained his bulldog out back of his house and it's safe for me to walk by there now.
"My son gave me the dog," he said. "It's just a puppy, but it IS a bulldog."
Although I really wasn't sure where he lived (has a bulldog puppy threatened me lately? You'd think I'd remember this) I told him I appreciated that and that I've been dog bitten more than once and so yes, I am wary, although not really scared.
Anyway, no dogs at all threatened me today and once again, it is sweet to know that I am being looked after as I walk.

I'm aware that I keep talking about the wisteria but it's just crazy right now. Here's a shot I got on my walk.

If you click on it, you can probably see it better. 
Well, duh.
The wisteria vines climb all the way to the tops of the tallest trees but I am not photographer enough to get those shots and make them look like anything at all. 

Here's the little drain-pond I walk by. 

It's so pretty right now and the water runs off down a stream when we've had this much rain. 

I'm tired this evening. I worked in the garden some, weeding and spreading a little horse shit, doing a little mulching. I cut off the tops of the bolting arugula and cilantro in hopes of delaying their deaths a little while longer. We shall see. I absolutely hate to pull up plants, even when they are obviously ready to go, flowering out, taking all their energies out of the leaves we eat and putting them into seed-making. 

And I am not any damn good at all at thinning, each tiny seedling I pull feeling like a little death, even though I know it must be done.

Life and death in the garden. 

Here's what life looks like in the chicken coop today. 

They are all fully feathered now, my little flock. And their names, from left to right are Catniss, Cha-Cha, Chi-Chi, Missy, Butterscotch, Eggie, Nicie, and Lucille. 
I think. 

God, I am tired. 

Bed will feel good tonight. 


  1. I pulled about 359, 528 Bluebells today. They are invasive here and I take total delight in ripping them out. It makes me extra happy when I get as far down as the bulb because I know the fucker can't grow back.

  2. Those chickens' names are perfect. I think a sidebar panel of their portraits and names would be good.

  3. I'm still waiting for the snow to melt. Some shady spots will be icy for weeks, I bet.
    Eggie. Lol!

  4. The wisteria is so beautiful. And I remember feeling like a murderer, thinning the baby carrots, those cute innocent little carroty-smelling threads... You do live in a wonderland.

  5. All of spring is in its glory here. The day was rainy though and we spent the morning in the hospital while my wife had four cores punched in her breast. Eventually, she was able to sleep after getting home. But today she is not in pain and is enjoying the beautiful day.

  6. Birdie- Sometimes I think these damn invasives grow by spontaneous generation.

    Elizabeth- Hmmmm. It would take all day to do proper chicken portraits but what a fun day it would be!

    heartinhand- Owen thought up "Eggie." I think it is perfect.

    A- It is almost all that I need.

    Syd- I am so hoping that all came out well. Please let us know.


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