Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not All Beautiful Days Are Sunny

It's a gorgeous day in Lloyd, the sky massaged and electrified by last night's thunder and lightening, the ground's thirst completely slaked. It is still raining and the sky is gray but it is beautiful to me. I woke up last night to the house-shaking rumble of the thunder, the slash of the lightening as it lit my room through the cracks in the curtains and blinds, the sound of the rain as it poured.

If the moon did its magic trick of eclipse last night, I did not see it. I went out before I went to bed and it was rising behind the trees and clouds. I took a few pictures but they were not good and the clouds thickened and hid the light behind their lacy veils. I gave up and came inside and went to bed.

I took the opportunity a few moments ago when the rain took a break to run the trash down to the trash depot, to go to the Post Office. I got a new New Yorker and a Vanity Fair too. Ah...what a good day it may turn out to be. The floor of the Post Office was not just wet but awash and everyone picked their way carefully through it. There were quite a few people there and one guy, as he came in, said what we were all thinking which was, "Holy shit!" I had thought maybe the rain had abated but as soon as I got home, it came pouring down again. I need to take a walk but not in this weather.

Here's a rather amazing picture, in that I took it through the screen.

A male cardinal, a redheaded woodpecker and behind, if you look closely, the two open blossoms of the ash magnolia. 

I told you it was gorgeous here today. And the sky to the west looks like a bruise, painful and ominous, but I know it is filled with holy water and thus, I welcome it towards us. This is going to be a day of letting it be. Just letting it all be. 
For me, at least. 

Good morning. 


  1. A day of letting it be is a good idea for all of us.

  2. The rain here has cleared, for the moment. I got O magazine and a kimono in the mail yesterday so cheers to good mail days. I just love those.

  3. Your post made me smile. The magazines, the birds, the magnolias. Oh the magnolias. I wanted to comment on your other post about the magnolia you planted. I love their blossoms like no other. A childhood fascination and only a few less fragrant grow here.

    I hope it is a great afternoon of reading and looking out the window for you. :)

  4. Birdie- Didn't exactly have the day I thought I would...

    Ms. Vesuvius- A kimono? Now that's awesome.

    Mel- Have done hardly any reading but it's been a good day anyway.

  5. I love big Florida rainstorms. I miss them.


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