Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adventure Land In Lloyd

The boys are coming and it's going to be a long day. Probably a good day but long.
I should probably take them somewhere. I ponder that thought and then think, "Nah."
Their other grandmother takes them places. The park, Lowe's, church. She always has. But hell, we have a playground right here, I don't want to go buy anything at Lowe's and I'm certainly not going to church. We've got trees and a bamboo jungle and farm animals and dogs and games and a library full of books and a TV for when Mer gets too tired to play and a kitchen where seemingly endless snacks are provided and toys and music for dancing and well...why would I want to go anywhere? I never want to go anywhere anyway.
And they don't seem to mind.
Maybe I'll get the stroller from Lily and we'll take a walk and go see Ms. Liola or something like that. Lots of adventures to be had in Lloyd.
Ah, the rationalizations of an agoraphobe.

Poor Mr. Moon. I made him kamut last night. "Not my favorite," he said after supper.
I made the five-grain oatmeal stuff for breakfast. "Not my favorite," he said again after he ate a bowl with maple syrup and raisins.
He's so sweet.
I also made him a delicious roasted organic chicken for supper and a fine salad and oat bran muffins so he didn't starve.
Eating this way isn't much of a sacrifice for me. And I am pretty sure that I'm continuing to lose weight. Of course I STILL haven't gotten on the scale. You'd think that thing was going to attack me should I step on it. I must have deep psychological scars from weighing myself. I am certain that my clothes are looser, my joints less painful. That's all I need to know, really.

Well, I better go make the bed and wash the dishes. I like to start out with a clean slate when the boys arrive. The chickens are out, the babies look more like miniature chickens than they do peeps now. They have been so strong and healthy and I am glad of that. Now if we can just resist the temptation to let them out of the coop too early so that when they do run free they are big enough that the hawks and owls can't so easily snatch them. I tell myself that they don't NEED to run the yard and that having been within the confines of the coop all this time, they know no better but I think they do.

Anyway, good morning. What are your adventures going to look like today? Are you going to go out into the big world or are you staying close to the coop?
Whatever it is that you do, I hope it's something that makes you happy and please, keep a wary eye out for the hawks and the owls. And scales which attack you and grains that are just way too hearty.


  1. My grandson and I are staying home, but we might go for a walk around the neighborhood after our nap. It's a rough life we have here!

  2. Good morning Mary! Don't step on the scale. Throw that thing in the garbage! I've never owned one and everything's okay.

    No disrespect to their other grandma, who I'm certain is lovely, but you are the best.

  3. you don't need to take those boys anywhere. you have a wonderland right there. and I don't even own a scale.

  4. Well, it's the first day of spring break, but we're sticking close to home as well. Yes, there's a big world out there in our city, but I'm exhausted just thinking about entering it!

  5. Church and Lowe's? In my world that are terrible places to be! I would much rather be in a 100 + old farm house where there are dogs and cats and chickens and a donkey next door.

  6. From the time they were ittie-bittie, our grands always wanted to stay home with us. We'd pick them up, ask if they wanted to go out for supper or eat here, and they always chose hanging out here. We didn't take them to stores, restaurants, theme parks, or playgrounds. They preferred to climb trees, skip rocks in our lake, and see how many lightning bugs they could catch when it got dark. We've camped out in our yard, made S'mores, and slice 'n bake cookies. Six grands, aged 10 to 17, still talk about the fun they always have here. And that makes my heart swell!

  7. Can I come over-- You don't have to take me ANYWHERE!
    A raven was menacing a hummingbird on my patio yesterday. The hummingbird got away, I think.

  8. Lois- My boys hardly ever take a nap any more. Dang. I miss those naps.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Well, we are two very different sorts of women and I'm sure that she offers them things that I don't. And vice versa, obviously.
    You're so sweet.

    Ellen Abbott- It's a sort of crazy wonderland but a good one.

    Elizabeth- If I lived where you live, I would NEVER leave the house. They deliver groceries, right?

    Birdie- Hell, there's a church next door. And plenty of lumber and screws around here. We have it all.

    catrina- Exactly! They can do all that other stuff with anyone but there are only very special things they can do with their grandparents.

    Denise- Yes. You can come over. Do you like cheese toast? The raven vs hummingbird would have been HUGE big doin's around here.
    And yep. Ms. V. was right about the scale.

  9. I do not know this kamut. I will have to look it up. I think if you feel better and your clothes fit better, that tells you more than any scale!

    The chickens probably feel some security inside that coop, don't you think?

  10. I do love me a hardware store! I'm going to have a coop day today. My world is covered in a blanket of snow and quite frankly, inside is where I keep the booze.

  11. I stayed close to the coop on the boat. The weather has sucked with NE winds blowing gale force.


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