Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Is Major Excitement For Me

As so often happens, life is indeed what happens while you're busy making other plans.

My baby Gibson started running a fever last night. I should have known he was sick in that he didn't want to eat a thing yesterday which is not my Gibson. Not even watermelon! He had a few grapes. He asked for water.
So he is sick and Lily doesn't want to bring him out but wants to stay home and cuddle him which means I have more time today to do a little cleaning and to bake Lis a birthday cake before they get here this evening.
But right now, I am concentrating on this guy.

It's a little oak snake but I'm afraid it's heading toward the bluebird nest and slowly, it is. I wasn't even sure there was anything going on in the nest but I went over to check it and the door had come open and sure enough, this is what I saw.

I securely closed the door and now I'm going out to check that snake about every five minutes and if I wasn't such a damn fraidy cat I'd slip the pitchfork under it and toss it into the woods, not that I'm sure that would do anything but slow down the inevitable. 

Damn. Nature can be so cruel. 

Ah. I see the parents have discovered the snake. 

Life in Lloyd. Never a dull moment. 

And it's hard to stay inside and clean with so much going on outside and the air is scented with roses and I went out to check on the snake and it's disappeared and I sincerely hope not into the nesting box and Elvis has had to escort three hens out of the nest and there's another one on the nest right now and so it is a day rich in doin's and and life and I am so sorry that Gibson is sick but sure as snakes go for eggs, viruses go for little ones and somehow, life goes on, even as we're busy making those other plans. 


  1. As harmless as that snake is, I get a shiver just thinking about it. Just never been a snake person.

  2. The black snakes around here hate being sprayed with the water hose. They do come back though. The dogs chased one yesterday and I haven't seen her today. Gail

  3. Ohh, those blue eggs! Yikes! I don't think I could take the tension! Nature is too red in tooth and claw for me, if I'm honest.

  4. Oh, poor Gibson. Poor eggs. Shoo virus. Shoo snake.

  5. Those eggs are beautiful. I hope the snake doesn't get them, but as my parents would say in a situation like this, "If all the bluebirds survived, the world would be overrun with bluebirds."

    (Which doesn't sound like such a bad thing, but never mind.)

    And I guess the snake has to eat, too. Poor guy.

    It's hard to take a side, sometimes!

  6. Bob- Me either. I am glad for their abilities to kill rodents but frankly, I'd rather not see them.

    Gail- My dogs couldn't see a snake if you put it on their mouth.

    Jo- It really is a snake-eat-egg world.

    Denise- Bless his little baby heart.

    Steve Reed- Bluebirds are just inherently more appealing to humans than snakes though. Don't you think?

  7. One of those oak snakes got in my house a couple years ago and I found it coiled around the inside handle of my sliding glass door. It was a baby, but still a frightening incident that I don't want to relive. Since I was pretty sure it got in somewhere around the door, I had a new door installed just to be on the safe side. If another snake gets in, I might have to move. I'm now going to pretend your snake didn't get the bluebird eggs.

  8. Snakes gotta eat too and they do us a service.

  9. WTF is it doing on the fence and how did it get up there? I hope the pretty blue eggs stay safe.

    I LOVE your new header. Those 5 blue birds are so wonderful! I think that is one of the best things I have seen in a long time.

  10. Ew, too much nature! I hope the eggs make it, snakes should focus on rodents and leave the birdies be!

  11. Hope that Gibson feels better soon. The snake won't hurt you. Carrying it to another location would be good.

  12. I'd have a stroke!
    Poor Gibson! I hope his mama makes him feel better soon!


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