Friday, April 11, 2014

I Know Next Week Is Good Friday But This One Wasn't Bad

My god I've had a busy day. I took my walk, showered, drove to town, picked up Hank, drove to Fanny's for lunch. Lily and Jason and the boys met us and of course May was there and this is becoming a delightful habit.
Owen is getting really good at climbing the tree in front of the restaurant.

And, he can swing down himself like a monkey. 
Note his shirt? Yeah. We be cool around here. 
I ate the week's special for lunch. An inhouse-baked (by our darling Taylor, of course) flatbread crusted barbecue chicken pizza topped with arugula salad. 
I ate a bite, stopped, and whipped out my camera. "This is picture-worthy," I said.

Behind it is Gibson's grilled cheese and potato chips. He also ate a great many strawberries and blueberries from Hank's salad as well as two deviled egg halves. He cracks me up so much when he says, "Tinkyou," so very politely when you do something for him or give him something. And if you thank HIM for something, he responds, "Welcome."
Such a fine little lad with such good social graces. 
Perfect dining outside weather and it was just a beautiful time with my children. 
"All your kids are here," said Owen. "Except for Jessie."
"Yes," I said. And we all talked about Jessie and how this time last year we'd been in North Carolina. We miss that girl and her darling husband.

I took Hank home after lunch and then:
Went and picked up a prescription from the compounding pharmacy, went to CVS to buy a bite guard, went and got my oil changed, went to the Farm and Feed where I bought chicken food for both grown chicks and babies, went to Costco, went to the library, went to Publix, got gas and went through the car wash. 
Mr. Moon asked me to get my oil changed and the car washed. The pine pollen has been awful, coating everything with a snot-colored yellow green dust, getting up everyone's noses and causing horrible problems for asthmatics and everyone else with sore throats from the resulting drip from the sinuses. That is dissipating but now the oak pollen is beginning. Anyway, for the moment, my car is clean. I went from one place to another, running in and getting what I needed and running back out. I felt like Super Woman. I even remembered to buy things like shaving cream that I never do remember and Benadryl, and even remembered to buy sherbet to make Owen his drink that he thinks he has to have when he spends the night which is made of sherbet and juice. 
At the library I reserved the second audio version book of the Game of Thrones series and guess what? There are only FIVE people ahead of me. They only have one damn copy in the entire system for all the libraries in Leon County. They had two but some asshole never returned one. I told the lady at the desk, "Well, that person is going to hell."

I am getting perilously close to finishing the first book and have already started listening to some CD's twice because...well, I might have missed something while I was thinking about what else to put in the chili. Also, I can't bear the thought of it ending. 

I got home, unloaded the car, filled up the chicken feeders, petted Ms. Nicie, gave all the chickens grapes, put away the groceries, took out the compost, washed the dishes, made the bed, swept our room, started the laundry and made venison chili. I even threw out the old roses in the hallway and picked new ones.

I feel like the most productive woman in the universe. I'm not even going to tell you what happened around here before Mr. Moon went to work but I will say that he's been in a pretty good mood all day.

And. Now all of that is done, the chili is simmering on the low burner, my husband is home and a martini is next on the schedule. 
I do love a Friday.
We may not be able to sit on the porch for our drinks though, or beside the chicken coop watching the babies because we have these big giant, fat gnats out right now which are just a pestilence. I have never seen anything like it. They are even torturing the chickens. They don't bite but they're just thick. 

Oh my god. Right now the cardinals are on the feeder and the bluebirds are in the camellia, trying to get up their courage to eat. Wait! The male is on the feeder now too and he just pecked at a much-bigger red cardinal to tell him to get away. And a little while ago I saw a gorgeous goldfinch, as yellow as the sun. Redheaded woodpeckers and sparrows have also been dining. 

Yeah. I can deal with the gnats. 

Have a good evening, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This is pure sweetness. Gibson's graciousness is not happening by accident either. He's being lovingly guided by the adults in his life.

  2. You did all that in one day?!
    Pace yourself lady!

  3. Angella- He's naturally a love, too. I think he was born being gracious.

    Heartinhand- Little mania probably involved there.

  4. I broke down and checked out the first book of Game of Thrones at the library yesterday. Do you listen on an iPad?

  5. Rebecca- Nah. I'm old school. I listen on CD's. Yes. I have a terrific CD Walkman. I know, I know...
    Only 29 CD's for the first book and damn, I'm burning through them.

  6. Nice but busy day. That pizza looks amazing. The gnats aren't too bad here yet. Been windy enough to keep them away.


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