Monday, April 28, 2014

I Could Live Quite Happily Without These Dreams

When something doesn't go Owen's way, he sometimes says, "This is the worst day ever!" And you know, ten minutes before it could have been the best day ever and don't we all have those days?

So far, worst day ever.
Not really. Not by a long shot. But shitfire.

I woke up from a horrible, terrible nightmare. When I tell it, it doesn't sound that bad but I was shaking when I woke up. I had two houses, neither in repair, and people were all over them and I HAD SO MUCH SHIT. Shit everywhere. Rooms I had no idea about. With refrigerators in them, leaking stuff. And toys and jewelry (crap jewelry) and just crap, crap, crap. And snakes and some weird rodent-looking creature that was obviously a reptile despite the rodent-looking appearance. And I needed help and I was freaking out and I couldn't find my husband and no one knew where he was and I was yelling things like, "I own this motherfucking building!" and other things I would never say in real life and I was trying to call Glen and of course, my phone was not my phone and anyway, blah, blah, blah and when I did actually get up I found that on my computer (though not my phone or iPad) that my contacts have been erased in my email program.

Great. It always makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach when something goes wrong with my computer. I know that's ridiculous but I'm ridiculous in general what?

I think it's just hit me that we are leaving for Mexico in just a little over two weeks and I am not ready in the least.

Okay. I'll stop now.

Time to pull up my big-girl panties and cowboy up, cupcake, and get on with it all.

How's Monday in your part of the world?


  1. I'm so excited you're going to Cozumel soon!

  2. Oh those crazy dreams. I am with you on the sick feeling when the computers act out. I rely on mine for so much.It is also my 24hr weather channel which from the sounds of things today I will need.You will be ready I am sure :)

  3. Not quite on nightmare scale, but I often dream about having a house I "forgot" about. It's huge, with many floors of stuff, and I'm nervous about if we are still paying for it, why we're not in it, etc. Very unsettling when I awake.

    Just ordered yet more yarn online. Hmm. Yarn is rapidly becoming like books: my bookshelves are bursting at the seams, yet I can't stop buying just one more. (Related to the dream, perhaps?!)

    Do we need to get our metaphorical houses in oder, Ms. Moon?!

    Keep a list for Cozumel somewhere you can easily get to, and every time you think of what you want to take, add it to the list. I find it eases some of the tension if I know I at least have it written down!

  4. NOLA- I'll truly be excited when we get to Miami for our flight to Cozumel. Until then- mostly anxiety. Which is so stupid.

    mary i- I hope so. Thanks!

    Sylvia- Yes. I am pretty sure I don't really need Dr. Freud for these dreams. And I do not like what they're telling me either.
    A list is a good idea. I just feel like I don't know exactly WHAT I need to do. I feel sort of paralyzed.

  5. Monday has arrived with bright blue skies and back to school for my oldest boy. I have The Allergies which sort of make me drowsy, but otherwise I'm feeling fine. May your dream hangover disappear with the day.

  6. Computer issues are mysterious and out of our control and so affect our lives- I get the same way. I hope fresh air and sunshine clears away your bad dream cobwebs

  7. cowboy up, cupcake!

    thank you for that, and remember, the prospect of travel seems to always deeply unsettle us, so try not to think about it till a day or so before and then pack what you can and resolve to buy anything you forget to pack in mexico. once you get there it will be blue skies and happiness. you just have to get there. oh, baby, do i ever understand.

  8. I'm so tired, I have to go sleep. No work tonight!

    Stupid dreams. Bah.

  9. Elizabeth- Glad your skies are blue. You sure wrote a beautiful post this morning.

    Maggie May- Computer issue resolved. Dream hangover still sort of lingers.

    Angella- You know me so well and you are right in every way. I love you so.

    Jo- May your dreams be good ones.

  10. That sounds like a horrible dream. Slightly like my real life just at the moment. We're looking after tons and tons of stuff for family members. We can't refuse their junk right now. Going to mexico sounds like a great idea just to escape the junk. :)

  11. hmmm, darnit- now I want a cowboy cupcake...

  12. Hello cupcake, scary dreams with rodents-reptiles. Shitfire indeed. Just a usual Monday here: a little yoga, a lot of thinking and talking about cancer, my mom another day older.

  13. This is really all you need to be thinking about:

    I Hope you have sweeter dreams tonight. Mine have been so strange lately...

  14. Jenny Woolf- Oh golly. I feel so bad for you. Except that you did just come back from Greece but oh, yes, you did just come back from Greece and that must be sad too. Those pictures- so stunning.

    Linda Sue- And what would a cowboy cupcake look like?

    Denise- Lord. Well. At least you have the yoga. Be well, love.

    Rachel- Yep. You are right. And pregnancy will bring you dreams you will never, ever forget. Do not put too much store in the truly crazy ones. Really.

  15. Definitely anxiety manifestation. (Isn't that perceptive of me -- ha!) I think rooms full of crap jewelry might actually be kind of fun, though I'm not thrilled about the leaking things.


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