Saturday, April 26, 2014

No Tiltle


  1. Wonderful pic! Definitely frame-worthy!

  2. Best. Selfie. Ever.

    p.s. My captcha word: "comrades"

  3. Excellent! And I'm glad you seem to be feeling better. :)

  4. Ah romance! Such a gorgeous couple.

  5. Looks like you are tilting with love. Nice.

  6. What shade of lipstick is that because lady, that looks pretty sexy!!

  7. I don't have any "tiltles" either, and never have.

  8. Catrina- It sort of looks as dreamy as I was feeling.

    gradydoctor- That one's hard to beat, yes'm.
    Comrades indeed!

    Andrea- Hey girl! Thanks!

    Steve Reed- I would get sick like that anytime. I swear.

    Angella- We fix up nice sometimes.

    Syd- Tilting with love and martinis and the joy of friendship and such a good time. Magic.

    Big Mamabird- Thank you so much.

    Ellen Abbott- I like it too.

    Heartinhand- Loreal Endless Lipcolor, Persistant Plum, I do believe.
    A favorite. It stays on well too.

    Anonymous- Ah, I like making up titles. I'm weird.

    SittinOnAPorch- You know I love that man. Yes you do.

    Madame Rebecca- In a good way? It is precious to me.

  9. I can't even imagine the kind of bliss you describe. I'm too locked into myself.

  10. Rebecca- You know, mostly I am that way too but there are a very few people with whom I do share my heart and it is a sort of bliss. It is not socializing, as such, it is heart-sharing. That's the only sort of relationships I am really interested in at this age and with my crazy mind. Shallow stuff- I have no desire for it. I would rather feed grapes to my chickens, read a good book, work in the garden. I understand how you feel and I feel very lucky that I do have these people I have, four of whom are my children. So very, very lucky.

  11. Same anonymous: No no no--of course you like making up titles, nothing weird about that. But you posted that you have no tiltle, which gives you and me (a total stranger) something in common. I don't have one either, and wouldn't want one! Can't even think what a tiltle's good for.


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