Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Awaken After Good Sleep

It is heart-swelling, soul-stirringly beautiful here this morning.
And I slept last night. I took two Benadryl which was my indication to the universe that I was fucking serious and let's get this sleep shit going. None of this waking up and fretting all night. Uh-huh. No thanks. And the Benadryl and the universe said, "Well all right then. We hear you." And I slept and even my dreams were sweeter, more positive, and that is a blessing and I woke up in a mood to receive the goodness which was presented to me.
And so it is.

I was going to go to bed at nine last night but sat down to watch the last few minutes of Antiques Roadshow (we rip it up around here) and then, what should come on but that documentary I've been wanting to watch ever since I heard of it, Muscle Shoals.
Well, that was it for me. I sat entranced for almost two hours, watching in complete astonishment. How could I not have known all of this history? How could I not have known that there was one man and his band of country-as-hell white boy musicians behind everything from Mustang Sally to Brown Sugar? 
I think I may have posted this before but I'm doing it again

And I'd like to watch the entire documentary again because there were plenty of places where I just looked at Mr. Moon and said, "WHAT did he say?"

A story. A beautiful, crazy, powerful story and a huge part of the history, not only of the music of our country, but of the way the music brought people together to sweeten and make visible and audible the possibility of Civil Rights done the right way, the joyful way, the coming-together of all sorts of different people to create magic and art with no eye to what color a person's skin tone might be.
Or how long his hair might be either, for that matter.

So going to bed with that on my mind didn't hurt a thing.

I've got plenty to do today including listening to the last CD of Game of Thrones which I have been hoarding for days now. I have to take a walk, go to town, run errands, try to do a little cleaning, enjoy this day for it looks to be a splendid one.

Here are those tiny pink perfect fragrant roses. When I went to let the chickens out, you can be sure I stopped to smell them. I would wish a moment for you like that today as well.


  1. I have been waiting to see this also. I missed the beginning, but saw most of it. It is a wonderful story. Spooner Oldham is married to my cousin, and my family is from the tri-cities area. Gail

  2. Gail- I think you can watch the whole thing on Youtube. Not sure. Just a beautiful film.

  3. I am going to look for it again. I looked several months ago and it wasn't out yet. Gail

  4. I'm a lightweight, one Benadryl and I'm tits up for ten hours! Sleep cures the big looming things, doesn't it? Is there anything you can make from that bamboo? Like a bamboo craft? I'm obsessed with your bamboo.

  5. This post is as fragrant as your roses must be. I spent Sunday filling my porch pots with verbena and phlox and other glorious-smelling petals. My porch is now officially open for tea sippin and chit-chattin.

    And now I must add Muscle Shoals to my list of documentaries to watch. ~nancy

  6. I watched it too and thought of you the whole time. What a great doc! Is it not available on PBS.org?


  7. Heartinhand- Oh, if only I WERE crafty. Sure, you could make lots of things with it. I myself had thought to construct a sort of arbor but never have. Mr. Moon has made bean trellises from it though.

    Nancy- You would love it! And nothing makes me as damn happy as porch plants. I swear to you.

    Invisigal- I'm not sure. I just did a quick search on PBS and I don't think it's available yet. It is on Netflix.

  8. I love to read these posts - it's lovely to share your happiness, especially when so often you've felt so awful. A sweet Tuesday treat x

  9. Your house and yard have so many magical corners. The light is just amazing. Glad you're having a lovely day.

  10. Ah, we watched the same shows last night! With the same reactions. Amazing stuff.

    Today I'm happy/sad. My daughter moved out and took her cat, but I'm able to have flowers again, so after dropping them off, I went straight to Trader Joe's to buy fresh flowers and a pot of begonias. This is major for an apartment dweller!)
    Spring is really here!

  11. "We rip it up around here." Hahahaha. I crave more music in my life these day. I'd love to live above a bar or a night club. Go down and have a drink or just let the music waft upwards.

  12. I would like to see Muscle Shoals. It was here months ago at the local artsy movie theater which is our favorite, but I missed it.

    That rose reminds me of Cecile Brunner which is an antique rose.

  13. Jo- It is now Wednesday and I am wishing I felt as good today as I did yesterday.

    Angella- Some days it is just magical here. I swear it.

    Sylvia- Ah, that is hard. But I am so glad you bought yourself flowers. That can make so much difference, just that color, that green.

    Denise- We share similar fantasies.

    Syd- Yes, but it's tiny. It is an antique, of that I am sure.

  14. yah, we saw that too. pretty fucking amazing.


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