Sunday, April 20, 2014

We're Traditionalists

Because nothing says Our Redeemer Liveth! quite like a basket full of Mutant Ninja Turtles crap made in China. And light up ducks and plastic wind-up chickens that lay bubblegum eggs out their butts.

Happy Easter, y'all! May all your chocolate be dark and your hearts be light.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. sugar coated suffering! i love that the the death and rebirth of world's best known jew is celebrated with HAM....


  2. Mrs. A- Only one of the so very many things which mystify me in this universe.

  3. Happy Ham Day to you and yours!

  4. So far this morning I have gotten my clothes pile off the couch, sorted, tossed or washin' it (inspired by your efforts, my dear Miss Moon!) Raked another section of the yard, and spotted the first crocus blossom! Oh and I did the obligatory holiday tinkerbelling-- stuffing the plastic eggs with chocolate and jelly beans and finding some baskets in the garage) But my inner holiday fairy is sooooo done with this holiday creating...all my guys are upstairs, probably gaming, so blah! Now I am going to hand the clothes outside, it's the perfect day for it..Blessings to you and yours this fine day.

  5. And also with you! You provided a breakfast table chuckle for someone who had TMNTs in her bathtub 20 years ago. Also a reasonable approach for spring fun when it is not. my. holy. day. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Happy Easter, Mary! Have a wonderful time with your dear, sweet bunnies. xo

  7. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  8. Oestre! Not Easter! The laying of bubblegum eggs is perfectly fitting :D

  9. That made me LOL! Just want to say how much I adore you. I think the wind up chickens have me feeling kind of mushy.


  10. ..........()"""()............
    .........( *o* )............
    happy easter

  11. I was asked to go with a friend to an outdoor service this morning. I went and actually enjoyed some of the music. There was a riff that came from Pinball Wizard. It got my hopes up for a minute that the Who would be reincarnated and burst forth. Alas--not to be. But anyway, the power got cut so about 3 Christian songs weren't sung. Alright by me. The best part was the seafood chowder at the friend's house after the service.

  12. How'd that ham eating go? I'm picturing you in the closet.

  13. Jill- Thank you! And to you.

    Big Mamabird- Whoa! You are busy! I hope it turned out to be a good day for all.

    Cathy in Simi- Not my holy day either. But there is the ham...

    Lisa- I did! Thank you.

    Heartinhand- I sure hope you got some sunshine for yours.

    Jo- I did like those windup eggs, walking and pooping out eggs.

    gradydoctor- What's Easter without a wind-up chicken?
    I adore you too, woman!

    Birdie- Thanks!

    Syd- Haha! And now you have me yearning for seafood chowder.

    Denise- I sat at the table and ate my ham like a normal person. Once again.


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