Saturday, April 12, 2014


The boys have been wonderful today and Boppy took them off for a little fishing and a picnic I packed for them. Gibson caught ALL the fish. His first fish.

Okay. Perspective can do a lot. Here's another picture.

Same boy, same fish. 

Here's a picture from the picnic. 

While they were gone, I made up some bread dough and set it to rise and then...laid down to read. Then fell asleep. Woke up to find a very big man carrying a sleeping little man in the room with me. He laid Gibson down beside me and we slept for an hour while Boppy took Owen to the horse farm down the road to pet the ponies.
Do I feel guilty?
Well, sure, a little bit. Not too much. I was allowing them to have quality time together. Right?
When they got back, Gibson and I had just woken up and Mr. Moon said, "Your turn," and so it was. He tried to catch a little nap in his chair but that was sort of fruitless. 
He's a saint. 

Now the bread's in the oven and the men folk are making a fire to cook steaks on. 

Yes, steaks. Once when the boys came over, Mr. Moon cooked steaks and Owen pronounced himself a Steak Monster!
We shall see if the Steak Monster reappears tonight. 
I'll cook some sweet potatoes and corn and make a salad and slice the bread and we shall have a feast. 

And I have a feeling that after the boys take their bath tonight, someone is going to have clean out the tub. Is it ridiculous to say that I sort of feel as if my whole entire life has been leading up to just this?

Probably not. Because, quite amazingly, it has. 


  1. I'm off on a first date. We are opposite ends of the spectrum tonight :)

  2. This is pure goodness. What fine men you have around you. The tall one and the baby ones. You're making memories, the best, the best.

  3. How cool for Gibson. He is just too cute. All my grandkids are teenagers now and that has its own rewards, but I do miss those early years.2344

  4. Those boys are getting so big!

    I have not been here in forever... mostly because I am homesick and pretty crazy my own self.

    I miss home and I miss all of you.

    Hope all is going well.
    Love love love,

  5. Damn, can I just say how much I love Mr. Moon? Is that okay to say? That man. I just love that he's with you because you deserve someone that wonderful. And he is wonderful.

  6. Mr. Moon sounds so much like my Derwood when it comes to the little ones. It just comes so naturally.
    I have moments like this, when I feel like my whole life was lived to get to this point. It's awesome!

  7. SJ- I SO hope it was fun. Seriously fun.

    Angella- I know it! It's just amazing to me how this life has turned out.

    Ellen Abbott- I am cherishing the early years because I know how fast they go.

    Ms. Fleur- Oh honey. I'm sorry to hear that. I was hoping that all was well and that life in California was wonderful for you.

    Gradydoctor- It is terrific for you to say that! And it's just the truth. He is wonderful. He is the blessing of my life.

    heartinhand- Isn't it awesome? we are and it's good.

  8. You both are saints. I don't know where you get the energy either.


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