Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Heart Is Filled With It

It torrented and then it didn't and water is standing everywhere and we're supposed to be getting more. I went to the eye doctor and I can't see shit because my eyes were dilated and I drove that way and it was like a nightmare and I never want to do that again. And this doctor, whom I have never seen before, may have figured out why my eyes don't focus in my glasses.
"Let me ask you something," he said. "Look in here."
I did.
"Do you see one image or two?"
"Does that happen to you all the time?"
"We're going to fix that."

It all has something to do with one eye being less nearsighted but with more astigmatism and one eye being more nearsighted but with less astigmatism.

I can't tell you how great it would be to not have to constantly shut one eye.

But that isn't what I came here to talk about tonight. What I came here to talk about is Sophie, Elizabeth's daughter and the remarkable change that cannabis has made in her life. I am almost certain that all of the people who read here read Elizabeth's blog, A Moon, Worn As If It Were A Shell and if you don't you need to. I've been reading Elizabeth for years now and her words have touched me so much, her pictures too, that I dream of her and her family quite often. And in my dreams, Sophie has always looked the way she is looking now.
And to see her actually looking THAT way makes me happier than anything I can imagine.

Go here and read what Elizabeth has to say today if you haven't already.

I got nothing to say that's as earth-shaking as that.

Love you, Ms. Sophie. Love you, Elizabeth.

Now let's make this a reality for all of the children who need it so that we can see their true faces, their smiles, that yes, they are in there. Of course.


  1. You're not alone out there...my two daughters have cards for a legalized state...both have been able to decrease narcotics by almost 90 percent. It works, far as I can tell.

  2. Aw shucks.

    And your eyesight sounds a bit like mine. Half the time I come here to your blog I wish that I lived in one of those rooms in your beautiful house. But now I'm thinking that it'd be a little scary, what with both of us squinting and talking and driving around town that way.

  3. That's a sweet post! I have a friend whose daughter has CP and she's been having seizures for awhile now. I asked if she's ever looked into cannabis but she is sticking with the pills, even though they don't seem to be helping. I should send her the link.

    1. Heartinhand, please tell your friend that many people with CO and other neurological disorders are being helped with cannabis -- better sleep, muscle relaxation, etc. in addition to seizure relief.

  4. Sorry about the state of your sight. The doc will fix you up I am sure. I shout Sophie's story every chance I get.I am from Oregon (now an Alabama girl). I have seen the many wonders that cannabis can do first hand. Hope is in hand for all...

  5. i have that eye thing. if i need to do serious reading i take off my glasses and squint or just cover one eye.

    do you get headaches from it?


  6. Should Fish More- Howdy! Glad you stopped by and that is wonderful news about your daughters.

    Elizabeth- Haha! We'd be a menace to society.

    heartinhand- All I have to say is- what could it hurt? And it might help.

    mary i- I am glad to know where you're from, where you are now. Yeah, I got no problem with any form of cannabis. And it sure is working for our dear Sophie.

    Mrs. A- Astoundingly, I do not. I just shut my right eye a lot.

  7. Amen to that. The difference in Sophie does indeed seem AMAZING.

  8. I think that it will be a long time before any enlightenment is seen in good ole SC regarding medicinal use of marijuana. But we can hope that perhaps in another 25 years something will change in this backward state.


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