Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Live In My Church, Part 2

Why is it so chilly in North Florida in April?
Who knows? Not me.
It's sort of nice, knowing that summer's heat will be blasting us soon enough.
The light is beautiful this morning.

In the paper this morning I read about a Tallahassee church that's been ten years in the building, cost 12 million dollars. You can see it easily from planes flying overhead! 
The associate rector of the church was quoted as saying, "When you look at St. Peter's from the air, it's a cross laid out on the ground. It's a stamp of the message of the gospel in building form."

Well you can only imagine what I think about that. 

Mostly that all I have to do is walk out my back yard to let out my chickens and I can see that light, pouring down through the trees to bless my soul, to lift my heart. It is a message of the pure beauty of this planet, no stamp involved, no gospel either. Just pure light, free and glorious, and a choir of birds sings it into being. 


  1. shameful that they spent 12 million dollars on a building to worship a god that eschewed all that. I imagine Jesus would tell them they should have spent that money helping the hungry, homeless, and ill. and really, how can a building be more glorious, be a better testament than the natural world?

  2. WELL, money can't buy you love, and I doubt it can but salvation either. Silly shit.

  3. Did they even have churches in the bible? Didn't The Lord always appear outside, near a bush or a mountain?

  4. Exactly, Mary Moon ... written about this before how I loathe, despise and detest these billion dollar monolithic churches with their self righteous denizens telling everyone how the cow ate the cabbage and all the while ... people are starving ...

    somewhere in the bible Jesus said something about church being under a tree... I could go fetch it but I don't want to.

    pet peeve of mine ~ self righteous church goers ... don't know what being a follower of Jesus means .. just amen to whoever mentions .. praise the lord.

    you got me started ... !

    AND your pictures of the sunlight through the trees? that's it... or by a river or on a mountain or wherever ... nature is m'church ~ don't need no stinkin man made building to go with man made stinkin religions.. ,

  5. I always say, your trees are cathedrals, the light that touches them, celestial. You live in a holy place. imagine all the hungry people who might have been fed with the money that went into building that cross stamped out on the ground.

  6. I can't help but think that God would be grieved over such wastefulness. If everyone in the country is clothed, fed and has access to medical care THEN build your million dollar churches.

  7. Though not a Bible thumper, I do know that the "church" is NOT a building, but the souls who gather in His name. Churches in modern times are buildings that the elders or deacons (or whatever they're called) are responsible for raising money to run it. Though I do go to a church on a fairly regular basis, I find my real church is watching the sun rise over our lake, or the hummingbirds buzzing around the feeders, or my grandkids doing cartwheels in the yard.

  8. I saw these pictures this morning and they warmed my soul.

  9. Ellen Abbott- Well, it is odd how humans can come up with money for things they really want. And I guess this congregation really wanted a giant church.

    Denise- It just seems so absurd to me. You should see this place. It's like a castle.

    heartinhand- Or beside a river. Yes.

    Carolyn- I don't know if this congregation is self-righteous or not. I just know that they have built one hell of a big building to house their worship. But I'm with you. I'll worship as I move about my life, noticing that which is freely set before me.

    Angella- It does boggle the mind, doesn't it?

    Stephanie- Yes.

    Jill- And to you, sweetie.

    Birdie- It is so odd to me how the supposed followers of Jesus have come up with some of these ideas of how best to follow him.

    catrina- I am as anti-religious as they come but I recognize that it is very important to some people. I just don't get the need to enshrine it all in such a building. Which actually separates us from the Creation.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I am glad.

  10. Throw out the Pharisees. It just seems over the top. Humility means much more in my mind.


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