Saturday, April 19, 2014

Food And Stuff

It rained again all night long but softly, almost lovingly, not to anthropomorphise the rain or anything.

I just looked up to see Elvis fucking one of the hens. Man, that is some fast sex. It's like a poultry farm around here today. When I went to let out our chickens, Miss Honey from next door was in the pump house eating cat food from the cat's dish, and a rooster and a young hen, also from next door were eating scratch from yesterday in front of the hen house. I let our chickens out and and then went to give the young ones some scratch in the coop and Miss Nicey followed me right out. "No dear," I told her, and gently put her back inside.

So I did buy a ham yesterday. Some sort of "all natural" ham and what that better mean, for the price, is that the pig it came from was raised free-range in the woods and fed acorns and creamed spinach and cheese grits and given daily massages up until the moment it was given a painless and honorable death while prayers from all religions were chanted. I hope that "all natural" doesn't mean it won't taste hammy. I'm going to go pick the last of the greens and cook them today and then heat them up tomorrow. I'm going to make angel biscuit dough so that I can just roll that out and bake the biscuits for the brunch feast. And I guess I'm going to make some sort of frittata with our eggs and potatoes and asparagus. Lily's bringing a pineapple casserole which she makes from a recipe we got from a Methodist Ladies' cookbook so you know that's good. The ingredients are canned pineapple, Ritz Crackers, butter and cheese. That's food. Right?

So. Enough talk about food. Let's talk about something really important.
FSU's new logo.
Man, people are fucking up in ARMS about this shit.


I mean, you'd think from the news media that this is an issue of as grave importance as if FSU had announced it was changing its mascot from a Seminole Indian to My Little Pony. 
Mostly, people hate the new logo, HATE IT! Refuse to accept it! Etc. 
Do these people not have lives? 

Well, anyway, I do have a life, albeit a very small one, and I need to get busy and start doing things to keep it moving along as smoothly and sweetly as possible. The rain seems to have stopped, it is cool and the amaryllis is blooming although the rain has made it droopy.

A squirrel is literally doing this fifteen feet from where I sit:

He is eating so greedily that I fear that within five minutes he's going to fall with a thump from the feeder and be unable to crawl away home. 

Happy Saturday from Lloyd where all creatures, both great and small, have plenty to eat. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You should try that casserole made with fresh pineapple. It is unbelievable good.

  2. Chickens fucking would intrigue me and disgust me all at the same time. I'd probably need 20 showers a day. LOL!

    It's a sunshiny day here, which is causing snow kindness but hopefully will cause melting too.

  3. Snow BLINDNESS, not kindness. There is no such thing as snow kindness in April!

  4. Lisa- Maybe that's what Lily will do. Pineapple is on sale this week.

    heartinhand- For some reason, there is nothing about my chickens which makes me feel icky. Well, the way they have sex is sort of weird.
    May you have snow-kindness which I translate to the snow being kind enough to go the fuck away.

  5. I love all the animal life!

    But I read an article about how native Americans would really like white Americans to stop using their history as mascots now, please.

    So, everyone should shut up about the Indian and get another one, I guess :)

  6. Jo- I know. It's a big topic in the states. So the big controversy about the image changing slightly for the FSU logo is even more bizarre.

  7. I don't see what changed with the logo other than the second Native American's nose is slightly different as are his brows. Oh, and the feather. Yikes. I think the Braves in Atlanta went through this, too.

  8. By pump house I thought you meant a chicken brothel.

  9. Chicken sex. Your blog is infinitely interesting.

  10. Football people are insane. That's all I have to say on that subject. Why would they object to that new logo? If the team name had changed or its mascot (and they probably should), I can see how people would be upset. But come on. They gave that Nole warrior some teeth and a slightly more clean-lined appearance, and I think he looks pretty darn good.

  11. Native Americans don't want to be mascots for white people. And the second dude looks okay--in fact, I think they copied my profile. I don't have any Native American blood to my knowledge, unless some ancient ancestor happened to unhinge his cod piece for a bit after the Jamestown folks settled in VA. Whatever. All the folks that came over were mostly debtors and bastards anyway. So much for "blue blood".


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