Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Am Happy

My yard is carpeted in the fallen petals of wisteria and Tung. The bamboo jungle is enchanted.

The weeds abound everywhere. I could spend an entire week on my knees and perhaps I will. Elvis stands by the back steps of my office almost hidden by the springing-up phlox and some of those weeds.

The plastic flamingos, their wire stick legs long since lost to little boys' games, lie in hot pink embrace, cradled by ferns. 

It is cool this morning, the air clear from yesterday's torrents of rain. When I went out to let the baby chicks out of their little shelter, they rushed me, then the door. They want out into the big world.
Not yet. The hawks are hungry and need to feed their own young. Everything that eats meat loves chicken and so they are confined to the coop for now. I am truly hoping that one of them, at least, is a rooster to help keep watch over the flock. 

I drink my smoothie and voila! all of my fruits for the day consumed deliciously in one go. I am washing towels and will take my walk soon. I will mail the key I accidentally purloined from the place we stayed. I actually remembered to buy a padded mailer at the grocery store yesterday. A sort of miracle, truthfully. 

Home. I am home. I slept so hard that I doubt I turned over once. Like the flamingos, I am cradled, not in ferns, but in this sweet, soft air of the place I live. Birdsong and rooster crow. I am here to tend it, I am here to breathe it in. I am here to relax in its embrace, the wisteria-festooned trees shelter and protect me. Last night I walked around and took pictures of beans and squash breaking ground, of the sturdy, healthy potato plants to send to my husband. He wrote me and said, "Are you happy to be home?"
I wrote back, "So happy I can't tell you." 
I picked some white roses, their petals jeweled with rain drops. I put them in a little vase and sent him a picture of that, too.

"Our own little nest," he replied. 

"Our own little kingdom," I answered. And it is so.

Love from the Kingdom and Nest of Lloyd...Ms. Moon


  1. I am way behind in reading blogs but I have been thinking about you. It is wonderful to read that you are happy.

  2. Ah, that's better. Love the bamboo. Too cold here for such things.

  3. :)
    I'd love to be able to grow bamboo here.

  4. When we truly love the place where we are at, why is it that we are thought strange to not want to leave it?

  5. Lovely, welcome home :)

    There's no place like home, especially one with chickens, ferns, flamingos and flowers.

  6. AAAAAhhhhh. Breathing a sigh of relief.

  7. Nice to have all that green around. It is beautiful here too. All the spring colors are showing off. A million shades of green.

  8. Birdie- My anxiety comes and it goes and then it comes again and I am trying not to despair but to keep moving, to remember that it will go again.

    Bob- Bamboo is a tricky thing. It could take over the world if it was not tended.

    heartinhand- Give it a decade. You'll probably be able to.

    Lisa- I ask myself that question a lot. Thank you for understanding.

    Mel- That's what I say.

    Denise- Yes. I could finally breathe again when I got home.

    Syd- I know! It's absolutely stunning how many shades of green there are.

  9. Love back attcha.
    From our nest to yours.


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