Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Morning

I've been drinking coffee for forty-five minutes, trying to wake up. Mr. Moon, who is already on the lawn mower said to me when I got up, "Excited to get ready for our boys!"
And I said, "I'm not quite there yet."

I'm still not.

Lily told me yesterday that Owen had said a prayer the night before. It went like this, "Please god, make time go faster so it will be time to go to Mer and Boppy's house."
His other grandmother takes him to church. They do have a swell nursery there.
If I said a prayer today it would be something like, "Please god, do not let me have used up every bit of my allotted energy for the next two days by yesterday's manic activity."

There's Mr. Moon from last night with Nicey on his shoulder. I'm pretty sure that Nicey's sibling, Catniss, is a rooster. The comb and tail feathers are distinctly more pronounced than Nicey's. But experience teaches me that I won't know until he or she actually crows or lays eggs. I don't care to get all up in a chick's privates and besides that, even if you do it's hard to tell. 

Night before last, Mr. Moon went to shut up the chickens and found a young possum in the hen house. Bad news. Anyway, he got that possum out of there with a pitchfork which was the only implement to hand. He did not stab the possum. That would have been gross and probably wrong. He does wish he'd thumped him though, to tell him that he's not allowed in the hen house. I'm not sure the possum would have taken the lesson to heart even if he had. 

All right. That's all the news from Lloyd so far this morning. 

More coffee.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ten minutes I've been awake and trying to keep the cat from getting in my face so I don't have to take an allergy pill. Coffee good.
    Possums and cats bad.

  2. As you wake up, I am finishing a night shift. Right now I have 2 bars on my internet connection and just knew you would have a post and here it is. Have a lovely day, Ms. Moon.

  3. I'm crazy about that Nicey/Nicie!

    Have a wonderful day with your boys. What a rich and wondrous life you live.

  4. Is it my imagination or is Nicey growing fast? You have a slow morning, my love, and conserve your energy for all the fun you're going to have tonight with your grandbabies later. It's so precious how excited they get to come to your house. This will last and last.

  5. Ok, just ... get ready for the GRR Martin tragedy. He kills EVERYONE YOU LOVE. He seems to think it's the only way to make his readers engage. Hmph. Great story teller though, I totally agree.

    Lovely posts today, I hope those boys don't wear you out completely!

  6. they pray before nascar events.....


  7. Heartinhand- Amen.

    Birdie- I love thinking of you reading my morning post as you get off work.

    NOLA- I think I do. It is small but marvelous in the details.

    Jill- It's pretty flattering, as prayers go.

    Angella- I had lots of rest today. It was rather splendid. One never knows how these things will go. Boppy has to take all the credit.

    Mrs. A- What for? A good crash?

  8. It has been a full day here and we are tired from it, but it is a good kind of tired. We took the small skiff out and went clamming up a creek. Filled up a 5 gallon bucket full. Cooked them up for dinner with some drawn butter. Very good.

  9. Syd- Lovely! The best meals are those we grew or gathered ourselves, aren't they? Aren't we lucky to be able to do these things?

  10. I'm catching up here. I love that Owen's prayer has sort of subtly subverted the traditional yet makes room for a heathen like yourself.


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