Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Evidence Amasses

And in chicken news, it appears to be more and more obvious that Miss Catniss is a rooster. 
Check out that crazy bird. 

Mr. Moon reported this morning that he was chasing the other chicks around, biting them on the neck. This seems to be pretty solid evidence to me. Neck-biting is a precursor to sex in chicken foreplay. I'll not be surprised to hear  tiny wavery crowing attempts coming from the little dude next.

The meanest rooster I ever knew was a red rooster named Krushchev (you'll understand this if you're old enough to remember a certain Soviet leader) who terrorized the children of the neighborhood when I was growing up. That rooster would come at you, wanting to peck and make you bleed. It was the memory of Krushchev that prevented me from getting chickens for years and years. I had no idea that roosters can be sweet until we had Elvis.

Hopefully, he will be sweet. Not as sweet as Elvis because that's impossible but sweet, still. I just can't abide the thought of a mean rooster around my grandchildren although a mean rooster can be a solid protector of his hens but I'll tell you this- if he goes after Elvis's hens, there's going to be some feathers flying because Elvis is going to take the bird to school.

When I went out to take his picture this morning he made it difficult by jumping up and trying to bite the camera. Which is because I always take them grapes, but it's a little frightening.

Then he started dancing around Chi-Chi.

Oh boy. Hormones. Whether in humans or chickens they are powerful things.

I've got a day's worth of stuff to do in the next two hours before the boys get here so I better get busy and quit ruminating over chickens and their sex, chickens and their gender, the possibility of chicken and dumplings, and memories of a terrorizing red rooster from my childhood.
But let me add- I remember when Kruschev had his head cut off and yes, it's true. Chickens do run around after their heads are separated from their bodies. And Mrs. Ferger, Kruschev's owner, had to stew that bird for an entire day to make him fit to eat.

Well, that's probably more than you needed to know this morning.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. I think I shall rename Catniss. From henceforth, perhaps he shall be called Kohl Drogo after this guy in Game of Thrones. Drogo for short. Yeah. I like it.


  1. That game of thrones guy, drogo, is married to cosby kid denise huxtable, aka lisa bonet and that is my morning tidbit of no consequence.

    hugs to you, mary moon.

  2. Angella- Quite honestly- that tidbit fascinates me. I've always thought that Lisa Bonet is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I grieved when she and Lenny Kravitz broke up.

  3. Elvis proves himself the model of modern masculinity, once again.

    The story my husband tells about Lisa and Lenny is that she told him if he ever cheated, even once, it was over, and he did, and he was so sorry, but she stuck to her principles and left him. I have no idea if this is true but it's always made her a queen in my mind and their story all the more beautifully tragic.

    Drogo has got to be the best chicken name yet.

  4. Ms. Vesuvius- She IS a queen and that is beautifully tragic. Should I tie little bells into Drogo's feathers?

  5. Chicken and dumplings! Bwahahahha!
    I could go for some of that.

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  7. A chicken named Kruschev! Now that is funny.

    I find it amusing that we can easily remember the names of our neighbours pets from when we were children. I lived out in the country (dirt roads) and could tell you the names of our neighbours pets but could not tell you the name of the neighbours.

  8. I remember the headless chicken, and it freaked me out. I had no stomach for killing even back then. The hatchet coming down and......ugh.

  9. No, no, Lisa Bonet was just ascending the order - Jason Momoa is like Lenny K squared. He is my very favourite of all of them all.

    Sigh. Their children must be so astoundingly incredibly beautiful. As must their sex. He's such a sweet guy, as if he has to be super nice and cheerful to make up for his fierce and super-human size and appearance.

  10. "Neck-biting is a precursor to sex in chicken foreplay." I live for your blog.

  11. I love the fact that someone would name a nasty rooster Khrushchev. That totally makes my evening. :)

  12. heartinhand- Always delicious!

    Birdie- The mind is a crazy thing.

    Syd- It is brutal. This is very true.

    Jo- Good to know!

    Denise- We aim to please.

    Steve Reed- I could have renamed Drogo "Putin" but somehow, that just doesn't do it for me.


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