Friday, April 4, 2014

We Went To The Beach

My boys.  

Me. In my new hat that I got not at the airplane hanger-sized beach crap store because just being in that place threw me into panic mode. 
"Come on, Owen," I said. "Let's get out of here."
We went into the grocery store next door where they had approximately six hats. I grabbed that one and bought it. Ten bucks. Owen says it looks swell. Lily was amused. 
"Oh well. it's the beach."
I especially like the fact that I can tie it on. I believe it's rather jaunty. 

Anyway, it's been a pretty good day. I've been a little too zombie-like but I'm almost present and accounted for. Sometimes that's about all you can hope for. 

When we got to the beach Owen said, "Mer, remember when I was shipwrecked?"
"I do," I said. I try to encourage his rich and fertile imagination. And to tell you the truth I don't actually remember when he was shipwrecked. But I do know what it feels like. 
You lay on the beach, wave-tossed and gasping. You look up at the sky and you realize you didn't die in the storm. You wonder if this particular island has friendly natives, maybe a stream of fresh, sweet water to ease your salt-parched throat. 
You hope for the best. 
You manage to get to your feet and stumble on. 
You find that river. You are amazed. 
You are stunned with gratitude. 


  1. I LOVE the hat. It's quite stylish and casts a great shadow. Your parts of Florida look good. Have a great time at the beach.

  2. PERFECT HAT. And a perfect face for a hat. Well done.

  3. I believe that Truly Scrumptious in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang used to sport splendid hats just like this!
    (My four children ADORE that movie, along with Mary Poppins...)
    Mrs F

  4. Often the grocery store hats are the best. Fine choice, it suits you. Good shades, too.

  5. Have a great time, Ms. Moon. You, the beach, and your hat look marvelous.

  6. Do you even have wrinkles? Because I don't see any.

  7. I love your shipwreck description and your new beach chic lid. xo

  8. Your face with your new hat could be on a Southern Living magazine cover. You are stunning my friend. Sweet Jo

  9. Oh, big sigh. That was the sweetest story -- you, Owen and then what you said --

    Yes, shipwrecked.

  10. The hat is beautiful and so is that pic of you in it.

    The fact that you clarified that you don't actually remember when Owen was shipwrecked cracked me up.

  11. I love the hat too!! I panicked a bit today while ordering food and because I didn't want someone to wait on me, I ordered the first words I read. Buffalo chicken burger...ouch.
    I miss the sea already.

  12. You are lookin' stylin', Mary Moon! Glad the kids are there. x0 N2

  13. Great hat! I agree that the bow adds immeasurably.

    I am glad you have regained the shore.

  14. Oh, you look so beautiful, this pic makes me think 40's glam. I'd definitely need the bow; you know how hats can blow away ih the wind. Enjoy enjoy enjoy yourself with your precious family...xo~

  15. Owen might grow up to be a writer. Its in his genes.

  16. Has Owen read AA Milne's poetry for children? I'm thinking he'd like them a lot.


  18. Allison- My parts of Florida are amazing. Some of them. The ones off the highway.

    Rebecca- I like it quite a bit. Lily started calling it my "bonnet." Oh well.
    I am old and can wear whatever pleases me.

    Mrs. F- "Splendid" is one of my favorite words and is sadly underused if you ask me.

    A- They are old prescription sunglasses. I like them.

    Mr. Shife- Thank you kindly, sir!

    Birdie- Good god. All I have is wrinkles. My wrinkles have wrinkles. And sunspots.

    Lisa- I like the word "lid".

    Sweet Jo- Ah! The power of the selfie!

    Elizabeth- Sometimes you drown in the storm and sometimes you make it to the beach, right?

    Jill- Well, I would hate to have people think that Owen actually was shipwrecked.

    heartinhand- The water is a sure tonic. So how WAS the Buffalo Chicken burger?

    N2- It was great to see them come and a lot more peaceful when they left. We did enjoy them a great deal.

    Steve Reed- I'm still doing a little panting-for-breath, but overall, I'm not drowning.

    Susan Johnson- Yes. I should have been wearing red lipstick. That would have been the perfect touch.

    Angella- Or an actor. The young man does love to play a role.

    Jo- The child insists he hates books. One of these days I am hoping that changes. Thanks for the link!

  19. Looking good, Mrs. Moon. The hat becomes you. You could be on a Lloyd reality show. Just sayin'

  20. nice hat, needful hat. I spent many many years at the beach. It is a soothing place for me.

  21. Beautiful you! And I absolutely loved the shipwrecked riff. Perfect!

  22. Oh, god, my daughter says the same! Gah! Bloody children. A funny poem at a time might get him, though.

  23. You are radiant! Hope you are home safe.


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