Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Know

I am having a recovery day. I realize that I am probably having the oh-so predictable let-down after this weekend's perfection and laughter and shiny-light sweetness. Ah, so it goes. But slowly, like this guy

I have moved through my day and made appointments for me and Lily and the boys to get our hair trimmed tomorrow by sweet Melissa and also for me to get my eyes examined. I really need new glasses more than I need my hair trimmed. I think I am just going to let my hair grow until it doesn't any more out of sheer perverseness. Why not? 

I took that picture of the Florida Redbelly Turtle on my walk this morning. Perhaps it is a female, on her way down to the pond (where she appeared to be heading) to lay her eggs. I do not know. I know very little and with every year, I seem to know a little less. 
Again, so it goes.

I do know that I worked in the garden and de-pooped where the baby chickens sleep and like to hang out. I can't wait to let them free-range and see how this  whole thing will work. I also know that Drogo has got to be a rooster. Here's a blurry picture of him. He is swift and does not hold still.

Do you see his wattle growing? It is not as impressive as the one I myself am growing these days, but it is there and he is young. One day it will be his pride and he will wiggle it and his comb to get the girls all excited. At least, in theory.

Here's a picture that Lily sent me of Owen. They went to Jacksonville today to go to the zoo but mostly to see Jason's grandparents who are old and who will probably not be with us forever.

I'm sure that may have traumatized Owen who quite readily admits that he does not like very old people. They frighten him. I hate to tell him but that new visor and sunglasses combo makes him look like nothing more than an old dude who's retired to Boca. But, you know. He's cool. 

Here's Gibson, being Gibson which is to say, cute.

And I need to go finish up supper and I really haven't felt very well today and I hope that tomorrow is better and that the eye doctor does not discover that I have a brain tumor by looking into my eyes with his magical equipment. Seriously, I worry about these things. And so many more. 

I know less, I worry more. Shouldn't it go the opposite way? 

Again with the perverseness.

Better perverse than perverted though and I am quite certain of that. 


  1. I know less, I worry more. Shouldn't it go the opposite way? -- I giggled out loud at that.

    Gibson keeps looking SO much like my nephew as he grows. I need to text you some updated pictures.

    So, are you going to keep two dual flocks and always keep them separate? How will it work? Just curious.

  2. I live with three teenagers who know so much, it's frightening.

    I'm kidding. I know far more than they do, although it's not apparent. I do know, though, that the photo of Owen is hysterical!

  3. Well, look at it this way: If you have a brain tumor (which I am sure you do not) it would be better to know, right? I suppose that's debatable, but that's how I see it!

  4. Oh Ms. Moon. You are a joy to read and to know.

  5. Handsome boys! And the little turtle looks like its shell has been turtle waxed. Have a great day, Sister Moon.

  6. Cute pics! I took my two oldest grandkids to that zoo last summer and we had so much fun.

  7. Monday ugh day for me too. Have to go into the city to work this week.

  8. SJ- Yes. Send me pictures of Gibson's twin. I have no idea how these flocks are going to go. I'll be sure to let you know. I'm very curious.

    Elizabeth- Ah but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now....
    Gibson is a cheeseball.

    Steve Reed- I suppose. Sigh...

    Jill- And I am so glad you feel that way. I swear.

    Nancy- It's true! Turtle-waxed!

    Lois- I remember going there when I was a child. That's an old zoo.

  9. Ellen Abbott- Oh, to be able to stay home whenever we want!


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