Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Want To Hold Your Hand

I went with Jason and Magnolia today to get the poor old van which Jason carefully drove home to park until further notice and I got my car back. On the ride to the repair shop I sat in back with the girl who wanted to hold my hand the whole way which I so gladly did because I love to hold her hand which is as soft as silk velvet and warm as a fresh-laid egg. We talked about stuff and when it was time to say good-bye, she took the pacifier out of her mouth and pursed those pretty little lips and kissed me so sweetly.

Since it was then lunch time and Jessie was already on that side of town with the boys, we met up at Japanica which was a treat as always. August wanted his own soup ("my own!") and so he got it and this is what he looked like while he was eating it.

You will notice that he kept one hand in the edamame bowl because those, too, were his own, although he did share them. He traded me a pod for my spring roll which I thought was a fairly decent trade. 

Levon either sat in his seat or in my lap or in his mama's lap. 

He's really getting good with the smiles. 
And looking all coy. 

Here he is wearing his MerMade fish embroidered onesie and holding his sterling silver rattle which was mine when I was a baby. 

Obviously doing his muscle-man exercises. 
I wonder what rich relative gave me that rattle. I think I probably know. I think my mother probably would have appreciated having the utility bill paid more than a silver rattle for her baby. But hey! Now my grand babies can play with it. 

When Jessie had buckled August into his seat after lunch when it was time to go home for naps, Levon needed a little nursing so I read August a book and the funny thing was- HE wanted to hold my hand, too. Mostly my finger. When Levon had had enough and Jessie was getting him into his seat, I said, "I can't leave. August won't let me go."
He did, of course, although he wouldn't kiss me. He thought that was hysterical. 
"Okay," I told him. "You don't have to."
And I flashed him the peace sign and said, "Peace!" and he thought that was pretty funny too and off they went but he did yell, "I love you!" out the window. 

Mr. Moon brought home his B-12 vials and syringes tonight and so we're about to begin on that. I watched a Youtube on giving a B-12 injection and it made me feel confident that yes, I can do this. You know- I worked at a birth center and the only injections I gave there were in sort of emergency situations where a woman was bleeding too much and needed pitocin. At that point, the adrenaline always took over and I could draw that pit up and stab it into a thigh like nobody's business but this is a different thing entirely. I know I can do it although this is hardly the sort of bonding I really want to do with my lover man/husband/co-grandparent. One never knows though. It may add a new depth to our relationship. We shall see. 

Meanwhile, what in the world did we do before Youtube?

Mr. Moon told me the other day after he'd learned how to do some sort of repair on his car after watching a Youtube that he was pretty sure he could find a video there on how to do open heart surgery and could handle it if he had to. 
"Mmmm..." I said. "Perhaps you should stick to car repair and plumbing."
He agreed that this was probably true. 

Well, I just put the bread in the oven and it's time to make the salad and boil the tortellini. 

The guys next door are blasting metal music out the windows and I sort of want to text them and say, "Shut the fuck up!" but I won't. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. One day your grandbabies will look back at this little biography of their lives and it will be so wonderful to know who they were when they were little but they will also remember you forever.

  2. your grandchildren are all so beautiful and happy, they make me smile. Especially that Magnolia......who looks so much like her Mother that it amazes me ......I always think I am seeing Lily.......
    And......Mr Moon's injections......come on, Ms. Moon! It's like riding a bike! You never forget!!!!!!! After the first one, it will become old hat . ;-)
    Hugs to you
    Susan M

  3. Such sweetness! I think hope the injections go well. I think of Angella's love and what she had to learn, I was struck by what she described as a new intimacy. I've yelled over the fence before to turn that crap down after being subjected to the torture of the same Brittany Spears song repeated endlessly. It was hell.
    Much love.

  4. Our son tells us one can be 'You Tube Certified' in anything. I suspect open heart surgery is a possibility.

  5. Those babies! Levon just keeps getting cuter and cuter! It seems like no time and he’s already a little person vs an infant. I love that photo of August with his hand in the bowl! Your family enthralled me :) joanne

  6. before youtube we spent hours in the library I guess. at least I did before google images when I needed a picture of something. and when my kids were little there was a family whose son was born the day before my daughter and a new guy moved in net to them and played loud rock music all the time. the family finally moved to get away from it.

  7. I believe Levon's eyes are brown -- aren't they? Maybe you've already mentioned this before.

    YouTube IS an amazing resource, but I use it more to watch old music videos than anything else.

    1. Oh, and somehow I missed your earlier B-12 post, but I went back and found it. I'm glad Mr. Moon is doing better and I hope the shots help even more!

  8. It's so fascinating to see Levon becoming more and more himself. Their baby personalities really do carry right on through to adulthood, at least if my own two are any indication. And is there anything sweeter than your grandchildren nestling their little hand in yours? Well kisses and I love yous of course, but handholding is up there!


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