Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's All So Thrilling!

I am so tired tonight. I came home from town after the snow had melted and I'd been to Costco with two daughters and five grandchildren and then we all had Indian buffet and I was going to take a nap but instead I did some chores, thinking I'd get a second wind but I'm still waiting.
I do not think it's going to happen.

It was a day of Fabulous Wonderment, watching actual snow fall, big fat flakes of it, even if it didn't last for long, either in coming down or in sticking around. Owen kept saying, "Mer! It snowed in Florida!" He and Gibson were still a bit delirious from the joy of it.

It would appear that the lettuces and arugula and indeed, all of the winter garden are surviving nicely. There's my salad greens for tonight. Mr. Moon is going to a basketball game in town and is at Jessie's right now having supper with her family. He sent me a very short video of August playing a song. 
Wait 'til the end for the big finale. It's impressive. 

Today when we were at lunch, I sat at the table with August and Levon as Jessie got food for her and August and as we sat, August gravely advised me, "Mer. Patient. Food coming."
Oh, little wise one.

I will be patient and wait out this cold snap. Supposed to get down to 27 tonight. I'm a little terrified in that our gas tank seems to have some sort of leak and we're getting really, really low on gas which is how we heat. I know I won't die. Not only do we have space heaters but we could stay with one of the kids or even get a hotel room. Still. It doesn't take much to terrify me. The guy who works on tanks is supposed to come out tomorrow and the guy who delivers gas is supposed to be out...sometime.
I got the WTForecast weather app on the advice of Sarah (a commenter) and Lily. At least it introduces some humor into the situation.

I hear that Tallahassee's been all over the news, from Canada on down, due to our freaky snow. A friend in Maryland texted me to ask if we were okay. I said that yes, we were fine. It was only so dramatic because we're in Florida. She said, "The Weather Channel can only speak in bold caps."
I guess it's not easy making 24-hour news out of the weather and you have to make it all as thrilling as you possibly can. 

But yes, we are fine. We're all joking about it here. 
One headline on FB reads, "Relive all nine terrifying minutes of the great Tallahassee blizzard of 2018!" 
This also makes me laugh. 

It's caption was "We will dig out of this, Tallahassee. Yes we will!"

And then, of course, there is this.

It's already starting to look like it's going to be a wild year in North Florida. Hang on to your hats, kiddies, buckle up and stay tuned right here to the GRANNY MERMER CHANNEL FOR ALL OF THE LATEST NEWS!!!! YOU JUST CAN'T LOSE IF YOU READ OUR NEWS!!!! AND THE ONLY SPIN YOU'LL FIND HERE IS IN THE FRONT-LOADING WASHING MACHINE!!! 



  1. Your very own song from August. His personality sure is coming out in your stories. When will the Ms Moon app be available??

  2. That is a rousing good song. And thanks for the alligator at the door. Made me laugh in a shivery sort of way.

  3. Love it! You Betcha! What a funny phrase. I love that it snowed. Your boys will always remember this. And August’s song for you!! The ending was superb! I went to Costco as well. Even for a few things it’s exhausting! Joanne

  4. Just as I was reading about your weather the news here started taking about it. I absolutely sympathize with you. I live in the faaaaar western part of Canada. If you go much further you fall off the edge. It rarely snows here. When it does it’s a fucking travesty. We actually have snow on the ground here and it’s cold. The rest of Canada mocks us because it’s not -40 cold. I have a friend who has a son from one of the coldest parts of Canada. He was visiting over Christmas and couldn’t wait to get back to Ontario because the cold here is so damp. It gets into your bones. My feet haven’t been warm since November.
    Seriously. I am impressed with August on the harmonica. He’s so little but definitely has some talent brewing.

  5. August is musical like his mama! And his MerMer is one funny lady! This post made me laugh.

  6. Ahhh, you got the app! You can adjust the profanity settings, too, and ramp it up a notch. If you’re so inclined...

  7. i'm dogsitting for a lady friend who is on her way down to FL for a thelma/ louise vacation. her and her copilot stopped near talahassee yesterday because of the snow (not that she can't drive in it mind you) because of the hype and uncertainty about how FL drivers handle an inch of snow.... still below zero here, getting ready to go cuddle puddle with the pets for the last few days of holiday break.

    stay warm! i hope they can fix your tank quickly.


  8. I vividly remember the year it snowed in Tampa when I was in the fifth grade. I'm sure the snow in Tallahassee now is making the same memories in Owen and Gibson and the rest of the local kids! I love the gator illustration!

  9. finally warming up here and I may even emerge and go run some errands.

  10. Oh my. Glad you've got back up heat. Stay toasty! XXOO

  11. That is the best harmonica song ever!! Ahhh, the sweetness that is August, and I know you appreciate the small steps of unique personality coming out in each of the grandkiddies. What a joy! And the Tallahassee snowplow is hilarious! Coming from the snow covered frozen lakes of northern Wisconsin, that is fun to see. I would love to have home-grown salad greens all year round, but we make the best of where we are situated in life, I guess!

  12. Hilarious! There was an earthquake in San Francisco last night. I was awake and restless and went on FB to see that all my friends up there had been wakened by it. Weather. WEATHER!

  13. I love watching snowflakes slowly fall from the sky when the flakes are big!

  14. I wonder if August will be a musician? Very cute!


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