Monday, January 8, 2018

Simple Pleasures

This day was so un-noteworthy that the most exciting thing I did, by far, was to make tapioca pudding.
I'm not even kidding you.
I took my first walk in about two weeks and I'm pretty excited that I am still able to do that. I wore a dress to walk in! Hell yeah! It's an old long cotton knit black dress with slits in the side and I wore it with thermal leggings and a jacket and it was so free-feeling. And comfy. I may never walk in pants again.
I may never fit into pants again but that's a different story.

I cleaned the hen house and laid fresh straw in the nests. I got an egg which was not laid by either Lucy or Violet who have been consistently laying the only eggs I get so that was sort of exciting. However, I did not get a Violet or Lucy egg so there you go.

I picked up Owen and Gibson at their bus stop as a favor to Lily. Jason had inadvertently taken Maggie's car seat to work with him. We are serious about the car seats around here. The boys were happy to see me as they always seem to be when I pick them up by surprise. Gibson yelled, "MER! ARE WE GOING TO YOUR HOUSE?"
"No, baby. Not today."
"No baby, not today."
When we got to his house he had the option of having a piece of leftover pizza or a cupcake.
He chose pizza.
Owen chose a cupcake. And then he was going to have pizza.
Live it up, kid! Life is short.

Then I came home and ironed. I know! I know! Too exciting for one human being to handle but that's the way we roll here in Lloyd.

But let me add that Mr. Moon has been working on a new screen door for the kitchen for days and days and he finally hung it tonight. The problem has been that the door space is not a true rectangle due to what we gently call house-settling.
House-tipping might be more accurate but we don't say that.
Anyway, he had to rebuild the door and also the door frame to make it work and of course, the screen door had to be painted and it's beautiful and I am so glad to have it. There it is, up there in the picture with the hugely tall, handsome man.
So honestly, that's the most exciting thing that happened today although it wasn't something that I did.

I will however tell you that my tapioca pudding has two secret ingredients in it.
Do you want to know what they are?
Okay. I will tell you.
Coconut milk and almond extract.
Is that gourmet or what? Only about a quarter of the milk I put in was coconut and I put vanilla in it too. So it's homey and comforting and so very exotic, all at the same time!
In fact, and seriously, I am looking forward to eating some with GREAT excitement.
It's the little things, people.
At least in my life.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That sounds like a VERY busy and eventful day and good job by that man of yours making and hanging a whole gosh darn door. I’m impressed. I love how Gibson talks in all caps. I imagine I can hear him from here. Hugs.

  2. I haven't made tapioca pudding in a while. My boys loved it and the pretending that it was frogs eggs!

  3. My grandma made tapioca pudding several times a week. It spoiled me so that I can not eat anything but warm and homemade. And she always had diced peaches in it. Num. What a sweet memory for me.

  4. what a beautiful screen door. I love screen doors and I lost both the ones I had when I got the new doors. hopefully I can replace at least one of them. I haven't had tapioca pudding since I was a kid though I do use tapioca instead of flour or cornstarch when I make fruit pies.

  5. Thank you. I shall add my left over coconut milk to the left over semolina etc., and the result may just be as tasty as your tapioca pudding. Nursery food, always works for me.

    What a lovely door you got!

  6. That pudding SOUNDS very exotic! And bravo to Mr. Moon for fixing the door. I always admire people who can handle home improvement projects like that. I am not one of them.

  7. I want pudding RIGHT NOW and it's 1am and I should be asleep already.


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