Thursday, January 25, 2018

Barely Making It Is Still Making It

Still anxiety teasing me with its fangs, its claws.
I did what I could to best the beast. I walked three miles. I finally downloaded an app that tells me exactly how far I've walked and in what amount of time and that's all I want. I don't care how many steps I've taken, not really, I just need that motivation of "another mile".
Silly but- whatever works is what works.
It was so beautiful today, as it has been the past few days. Sky so blue you have to blink to believe it, the air so clear and cool. I really wanted to just curl up on the sofa but I went out and began to trim the dead passion flower vine off the fence, a job that has to be done every winter and which is not difficult or unpleasant, it just takes getting started which is so true for much of life.

Mr. Moon, who has been trying to figure out the best way for us to get our TV, internet, and phone, finally decided to go with a company and they sent their guy out while I was pruning.
"Are you the, uh, worker?" he asked me.
I laughed.
"Yes. Yes I am. Also the wife."
"Oh, okay."
Next thing I knew he was telling me that without us cutting down at least three trees, we were not going to get satellite for the TV. He was a funny guy and a gregarious one. We ended up discussing everything from child rearing to how much Key West has changed in the past twenty years, to the degeneration of coral reefs and the ecosystem of the oceans in general, to DT (we both loathe him), to Republicans in general (neither of us understand how anyone can be a Republican), to Obama (we both love him and I actually teared up when I got on my soapbox about how intelligent and educated and cultured he and Michelle are), to racism to sexual harassment to child abuse to...
We covered a lot of ground.
When he left, we shook hands and he said, "I sure enjoyed meeting you."
"And I enjoyed meeting you, too," I told him.
And then I finished pruning the passion flower vine and then I ironed some shirts.

So. That was it for me today. Plus, you know- the little stuff that must constantly be done to keep a house running.

Mr. Moon talked to his Lyme doctor today and she wants him to continue on the medications for another three months which is a rather dreadful prospect. She also wants me to give him a daily B-12 shot for the neuropathy he has in his feet. This is not news he wanted to hear but by god, he is walking much better and his balance, although not perfect, is also better. I can see it, he can see and feel it. He even thinks that the neuropathy is better as well and if it can get a lot better, he is willing to do what must be done. I haven't given an injection in about twenty-five years but I'm sure that Youtube will help me with that. Mostly all it takes is the courage to do it- again a truth for much of life.
Despite the fact that the drugs he is on cause stomach problems (and yes, he's taking lots of probiotics and eating yogurt daily) it is a stone-cold miracle to see the improvement in his walking and the hope that not only whatever this horrible debilitating process is will not get any worse but in fact, can be reversed, is motivation enough to keep on with it.
It's rather unbelievable after all of the testing he went through with absolutely no answers found, no remedy or hope offered, to have this country doctor from Georgia say, "Yes. This is what I think you have, and this is what I think you need to do," and see such improvement.

And here- in the spirit of There Can Be Joy- is a picture of August who got his first mani/pedi from his mama. He chose the blue nail color.

I think he loves it. 

And I love him. 

Hey! We made it through another day. Or at least, I almost have. Which means that in not too many hours I will be allowed by custom and conscience to lay down on my bed which is the most comfortable bed in the world, and pull my pillows around me and take up my book and read until I am too sleepy to read any more and then I will turn out my light and rest again. 

Talk about your motivation. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Look at that precious boy! So sweet, and that smile is worth a million dollars.

    I'm glad to hear Mr. Moon is improving so much. I'm sure you'll be great at giving him any needed injections. You seem so strong and capable to me.

    Enjoy your comfy bed, and your book, and sweet dreams! :)

  2. walked off *some* anxiety.....and dealt with life today. Not a fun prospect to give Mr Moon daily injections but hey, you've done it a zillion times and it will come back to you and seem like old hat (I think, I DO have faith in your abilities) . I'm just so glad Mr Moon is improving.....and it's all worth it. Although I've given a zillion injections myself over my years of working........ when a good friend had to have daily injections for her IVF..........I felt like it was my first time. it wasn't........and it will get easier for you with each one . ;-)
    Susan M

  3. Mr Moon's improvements are so good to hear about. I know it was perplexing when you guys didn't know what was going on. It sounds like the gains he's already made are worthy of celebration. And August is a sweet sweet thing (they all are!)

  4. I don't know that I could give my hubby shots, though if need be.....that August is as brown as a berry! And the blue nails...priceless!! I hope you wake tomorrow and the anxiety is but a distant memory.

  5. I'm so sorry you're in a struggle right now but just the very Words of your Blog's Post Today was encouraging to me... Thank You for those Sage Words of Wisdom.

  6. I’m fascinated with Mr. Moon’s recovery because I am starting to understand that nutrition is a major factor in so many of our health problems. Our food is shit for the most part so we have to supplement though most people in healthcare are adamant that supplements are a waste of money. I have been on antidepressants for years and they really not working. Maybe we don’t have a chemical imbalance but a nutritional imbalance.
    How much B12 is Mr. Moon taking? I’m guessing there is a difference between sublingual and shots. Stupid question. Of course there is! I am just curious because I have heard B12 is a factor in a lot of healthcare issues. I’m so glad he is improving. Wellness can be a long and frustrating road.

  7. That little August pumpkin makes me smile with joy. I love the blue polish ♥️. I was with a friend today who had Lyme disease for 15 years. Her story wasn’t pretty. I am so glad to hear Mr Moon is getting some relief. An awful thing really. I laughed aloud at the guys comment to you and your answer. Yes any little bit of action is all we can ask for on days of anxiety and depression.

  8. Hard when anxiety is flaring. But you made a very warm human connection with a former stranger and that, I believe, lifts the vibration of the world. So you did your part today. And August is so happy and beautiful. Such a little beach boy with no shirt. Reminds me of my son at that age.

  9. I'd walk longer (except for the really cold and really hot days) but I take the dog with and there are loose dogs out here who for some reason have it in for my little dog. I don't always remember to take the old mop pole.

  10. So glad to know there are still some docs worth having and that Mr. Moon is getting the right help. August always makes me smile.


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