Saturday, January 27, 2018

Stuff And Stuffing

Camellia (not to be confused with Miss Camellia) with ant.

I've felt lost today and a bit weepy and finally pulled my head out of my ass long enough to go prune the Confederate jasmine and weed the onions and shallots in the garden but none of that really gave me much pleasure. 
It wasn't unpleasant, but it sure didn't feel like a religious experience or anything. 

And I don't really care to talk about much tonight. I will say that it pisses me off that every old hippie woman on TV and probably in the movies, too, is portrayed as being kooky and off her rocker and a believer in all sorts of new age garbage and at the very least, eccentric and kooky but maybe in a cute way, an endearing, oh-isn't-she-cute way. 

Fuck that. 

Yes. I've been watching Grace and Frankie again and I do like that the Frankie character loves fast food and Bagel Bites, even if she makes organic yam lube. 
Organic yam lube. 
Trust me- not all of us hippies named our kids after spirit totem animals or things found exclusively in nature such as River, Flower, Sky, Meadow, Feather, or Star and not all of us named our kids after Bob Dylan or Donovan either, although I have to admit that I've known kids with almost all of those names. 
Maybe those TV people have it right and I just refuse to admit it. 
Maybe I was just a bad hippie. I've always suspected that may have been the case. I do know that every time I see the name David Avocado Wolfe I sort of want to either laugh or cry. And I never really did know shit about astrology. 

The frogs who sound like amplified birds are singing away in the little faux pond right by the back porch although they grow silent if I stand up or walk by on the porch and sometimes when a car goes by as well. I suppose they are shy although if these trills and chirps are love calls, they aren't that shy. 

This old hippie is going to make some stuffed bell peppers for our supper. I remember when I was a vegetarian hippie I used to miss the stuffing I made for turkey so much that I would make a vegetarian version of it and use that as a filling for my stuffed peppers. It wasn't bad, either. 
But tonight I'm going to use ground venison and rice and tomatoes and garlic and onions and cheese and stuff like that. 
And if I want stuffing, I'll stuff some damn poultry. 

Oh. I'm not dizzy any more. Hopefully not ditzy either. But it's hard, if not impossible, to judge oneself so I totally could be and not even know it. I know for damn sure though that I am not cute. 
Trust me. 

Love...Ms. Moon (And I did not make that name up. I swear.)


  1. I'm a devout lover of confederate Jasmine. I'm a bit confused it a tree or a bush....or both? My cousin has a bush at her house that I want to get a start from but a neighbor has a tree that she says is a Confederate Jasmine and I LOVE it. I need to get some of that sweet smell soon, so, dear hippie lady, what's the answer?

    1. Confederate jasmine is a vine. It is neither tree nor bush. It must be supported on a fence or trellis. There is a Confederate rose which is a bush which can grow to tree height. It's blossom is not fragrant but it is pretty. I have both in my yard. Google them for more information.

  2. You are a hippie. I know it. I feel it. I see it. I see it in May and Jesse. You are the real thing. You wear overalls which I need to own againsnd decide whether I have the guts to present myself to the world in them or wear only in my home. LA is a fashionable city that I don’t care about but I don’t want people to point at me and laugh. I lived in my overalls in high school and college, wore the knees out and embroidered things over the holes. I loved the to pieces. Gotta get some. And nothing fashionable, the baggie, comfier ones. Joanne

  3. Oh my mother made stuffed tomatoes because I didn’t like the peppers too much or they didn’t like me. She stuffed them with a rice chicken mixture with seasonings. I loved them. I need to figure out the mixture and then determine what to stuff - maybe a squash of some sort. Joanne again

    1. I think that would be delicious- a stuffed squash.

  4. I knew when I started reading this post that you were talking about Grace and Frankie! I think, like many sitcoms, the characters are exaggerated to make them distinct -- they're all a bit over the top in their way. It's up to you whether you want to wear the "hippie" label, but let me just point out that you DO have a rooster named Mick. :)

    (Oh, and I've never heard of David Avocado Wolfe. I had to look him up!)

    1. Oh, I AM a hippie. Just not the Frankie kind.
      So. What did you think of Mr. D.A. Wolfe?

  5. I wear the hippie label proudly. somebody else was telling me I should watch Grace and Frankie. and all the new age stuff is just as likely as the religion other people accept. it's been wet here the last two days so a perfect excuse for not getting out in the yard when I don't feel like it. though you are right about now wasting these more temperate days. oh well.


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