Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lovin' Life

Despite a bit of rain and my dizziness returning, it was a truly jolly day here at Casa Luna de Lloyd. Last night I sent everyone a text asking if they wanted to come over for "late-ish" brunch, wondering as I did it if it was the alcohol talking but I am so glad I did. Hank and Rachel and May and Michael couldn't make it but Lily and Jessie and their young'uns did. The other day Owen noted that he hadn't seen Levon in so long he'd almost forgotten about him and I sure wouldn't want that to happen. As you can see, they renewed their friendship.

It just seemed like everyone was in a very fine mood today. We had pancakes and Boppy's deer sausage AND bacon AND eggs with all sorts of tasty vegetables in them. There was running around and there was, "Does anyone know where Maggie is?" and of course, "Does anyone know where August is?" and oh, let me point out that when August got here, he zoomed past me in the kitchen without a single by-your-leave and was sitting in his grandfather's lap before I'd had a chance to kiss his mama. There was toy playing and running around outside in the almost rain. There was playing on the play set and climbing and sliding and swinging and hanging upside down and pretending to be a monkey.

Maggie blesses the gathered. Her hair was curlier than ever today with the humidity which only serves to make her cuter which is getting dangerously close to the cuteness limit if you ask her grandmother.

Gibson swinging. You may note that everyone got a little dirty.

Monkey imitation. 

The mamas picked greens from the garden to take home and the boys picked carrots which are still really too small to eat but they ate them anyway. 
"Y'all! Stop eating all my baby carrots!" 
"But they're good!"
"Dang it."
Lily and Jessie cracked each other up the way they do. When they were children, they did not always get along that well but now they make each other laugh like no one else can. It makes my heart so damn happy to see my kids having fun together. There is nothing on this earth that pleases me more. 
Unless it's my grandkids having fun together. 

Before everyone left, we had to have a bit of time in Mer's comfy bed for book reading which quickly turned into what can only be described as Professional Grade Cuddling. 

First Lily's kids all piled on top of her and then August, who was excited beyond belief by the silliness, decided he wanted to participate. When Maggie took off to parts unknown, he got his chance.

Levon is watching and learning. 

It was all just high-test fun and when everyone had finally gone it was almost two o'clock in the afternoon. I finished cleaning the kitchen and started a load of laundry and Mr. Moon got back to his project which is now looking like this.

He and our friend Tom got that five-hundred pound iron tub out of there yesterday and it's at the dump now. The guy who works at the dump said, "You could have used this to make a nice worm bed." 
And he is welcome to do that himself. 

So that's what happened here today. It's drizzling off and on and there was a small nap involved as the rain pattered outside and I had so many moments where I just smiled inside and out, loving the chaos and the crazy, the babies and the big boys. I even loved it when Maggie came to me and said, "Gummy!" and blasted me with her fresh spearmint breath and we discovered that she had half a very large container of Mentos gum in her mouth. I loved it when Gibson made us all join hands and do another funny blessing although August refused to participate, and I loved it when he and I went outside without our shoes on and I said, "We're barefootin', August!" and he said, "Barefootin'!" I loved it when he and Maggie kissed each other goodbye and Maggie told him she loved him. I loved it when Owen laughed at the silly song I made up when he was hanging by his knees. I loved it when Maggie found the cherry tomatoes and ate a bunch of them and I loved it when she carried an egg all the way from the henhouse and dropped it on the floor, right as she was about to give it to me. I loved it when they all wanted pickled okra. I loved it when Maggie wanted me to have my arm around her when we were in the bed, reading, just like her brother Gibson used to do. I loved it when my daughters laughed and I loved it when Levon gave us his wonderful smiles. I loved it when Gibson got himself a glass of water and called it his "cuppa Joe." I loved it when Owen and Gibson wanted to each take an apple to eat on the way home with toothpicks in them. I loved it when Mr. Moon told funny stories about when he was in college and temporarily got straight by joining the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and how that turned out. 

I loved it when that same man leaned over during all the chaos in the kitchen and kissed me. 

And that, my friends, is foreplay for grandparents. 

Excellent Sunday. Just excellent. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Isn't it odd how seemingly insignificant happenings bring out the nostalgia? What a wonderful day you must have had! Mine involved napping and rain, too.

  2. loved your day......I can feel, see, and smell your kitchen...... the family and people enjoying it....... , the activity, I *am* there, through your beautiful words. Thank you for sharing it
    Susan M

  3. This post is just so... homey. I love it.

  4. The pictures of your sweet family make my heart swell��. I so love coming to your neck of the Internet! Owen is so handsome!!!!! Wow he’s grown so tall! I could go on but I think you know my love for kids and animals.. you do.

  5. I so love reading here! Have a wonderful week.

  6. How absolutely wonderful. And the pictures! Everybody living everybody and just laughing and delighting! I hope I’ll be as lucky one day to have Sunday’s like this. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. Such joy.

  7. Those kids are sure learning how to love reading!

  8. What a wonderful day for you! All that love makes the whole world better 💝

  9. Oh, Mary - those piled in the bed photos filled me with joy and made me laugh out loud. I woulda put Levon on top, tbh.

    I showed them to Dade, and your camellias, and said that I did think Owen would forever associate the word 'exquisite' with his grandmother's beautiful flowers - and her telling him to.


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