Saturday, February 18, 2017

Slow Morning

It's raining this morning and dreary and gray and chilly and I haven't even let the poor chickens out.

Ah well.

It's nice to get rain. It just is.

Owen has a basketball game this afternoon and I may go depending on whether or not I get a few things tidied up around here. Lon and Lis are coming in and playing in town tonight and staying with us and my bathroom is a mess. A complete mess.
Mostly overalls slung everywhere.
But it's not like I'm actually going to CLEAN or anything, so I'll probably have plenty of time to go to Owen's game. I know he appreciates it when I show up.

And so that's the report from Lloyd this morning. Not a whole lot going on, just the drip and drum of rain and the sound of birdsong because birds don't seem to mind the rain nor do they let it interfere with their day.

Here are some cute pictures of August, just because.

Yesterday at Costco when he was eating samples like he was being paid. 

And from this morning when Jessie was working on his man bun. 

I guess I better go let those chickens out. 

Good morning, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. August just slays me. His eyes are so ancient.

    1. Every woman who sees August falls into the spell of those eyes. I swear. And his lashes are about fourteen inches long which does not hurt.

  2. Adorable man bun. Jesse has a little doll to play with!

  3. I hope you went to Owen's game. "Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow, for babies grow we've learned to our sorrow..."


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