Wednesday, February 1, 2017

And In Cat News

We haven't seen Jack in three days and this is worrisome. The large gray and white feral which shows up now and then has been a more constant presence lately and some cat's been pissing on my back porch which generally demonstrates unrest in the feline community.

Maurice slept on my feet all night except for the time between two and three when I was having trouble sleeping and then she crept up and put her head beneath my hand and I stroked her soft fur for a long time. She even attempted to purr a time or two which does not come naturally to her at all.
My nurse cat. My therapist cat. My crazy cat who will take my hand off at the wrist if she's not in the mood but who seems to discern the times when I need comfort most and who offers it then, more of a gift because it is so rare.

I feel as if I've been beaten with a hammer all night long.

I'm so dramatic. Jesus.

Lord, it's a beautiful day and they're working on the railroad behind my yard. A noisy proposition. I should go for a walk and I don't have it in me. Whatever "it" is, which was beaten out of me with a hammer all night long.
(See above.)
I hear saws and pounding and the constant running of large machines and the voices of men. Although I cannot hear everything they say, certain words come through.
I think it is someone's birthday.
And they sound like nice men. Funny how humor and cheer can come through, even if the exact words are not clear. Every now and then one of them laughs, a deep belly laugh that rings out.

I can hear the cardinals too. They chip-chip-chip and crack the seeds with their strong black beaks and the sight of the brilliant scarlet birds against the sunstruck pink camellias is a sight to see.

The world goes to hell and everyone has problems and yet, there is this too.
A soft, pure day of light and sound and color and shade dapple and I think I will go to the library today and we are talking about lunch.

Let it be, let it be.
Maybe Jack will show up later. I hope so.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Lovely post in that it sets a lovely mood and has descriptions that make me feel that I am there. As for comments, I too am a cat person (and a dog person, but I have no dogs at present, and it’s undecided whether my wife, Peggy, and I will ever get another dog). I have three cats, and I have often posted about them, so if you visit my blog, scroll down a way, and you’ll see photos.

    I love your roses, but I wanted there to be a yellow one too because yellows are my favorite. Roses are popular here (Eugene, Oregon) too, of course, and there is even a city garden devoted to them.

    I like it that you like to dialogue, because I do too only I don’t think that most bloggers do. I’m also fine with long comments, but I don’t think most bloggers are given that they often apologize when they write a long comment. Sometimes, short comments even annoy me, at least when they’re so vague that I can’t even tell if the person read the post.

    I’ve lived in Oregon since 1986 (except for two years in Minneapolis), but I spent my first 37 years in Brookhaven, Mississippi, which is in the southwest part of the state. I envy you your weather right now because winters here aren’t too cold, but they are gray and drizzly.

    I have a half-sister (and her two sons and their families) in Pensacola, but I haven’ t been there since 1991 and doubt that I will ever go again because I can’t even get along with my sister through letters, so being with her has little appeal.

    I like the name of your blog. Have you always lived in Florida?

  2. I hope Jack turns up soon too. Cats are pretty intuitive about when we need comfort.

  3. I hope your Jack shows up soon. My Jack had to be thrown on the porch because he decided I should get up at 4AM...Way too early, but he insists and makes annoying noises around the room by scratching things or batting them around till it drives me crazy. He used to be able to get right by my head on the bookshelf and I'd grab a book to try to smack him with! He still loves me though...As I type this he is trying to settle onto my shoulder. He pats my arm to get me to move into a good position. I don't think i have ever lived with a mean cat. That work crew sounds like a nice bunch to spy on! Hugs with a fresh snow dusting to you, Carroll

  4. I hope Jack comes home! Aren't cats the best? They are strange little beings but so soft and sweet too. Thinking of you todsy😘

  5. I hope Jack shows up, too! Maybe he's just out prowling around, doing male cat things.

    I think there's a lot to be said for enjoying the simple pleasures of a nice day.


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