Thursday, February 9, 2017


I have reveled in my role as domestic goddess today, not in the cleaning part of it but the cooking.
And the napping.
A domestic goddess must nap, don't you think? I've been saying I was going to have a lazy day all week and finally, I got around to it and oh, how I have enjoyed it!

Around noon, after my walk, I browned some very sexy chicken thighs and breasts and put them in the crock pot over a layer of sliced lemons and cut-up garden kale and then softened some onions and garlic in the skillet I'd browned the chicken in and added sliced cherry tomatoes to that along with olives, both green and black Greek ones as well as some capers, and then chicken broth and lemon juice and poured all of that over the chicken and kale and lemons.
Oregano. Thyme. Salt, pepper.
I think that's all.

I have two beautiful artichokes ready to cook and some lovely looking grain mix from the I-hate-it/I-love-it Trader Joe's that I'll make to go with.

And to top everything off, I got out my old old old cookbook and made a blueberry and cherry pie. I followed the instructions for the pastry exactly, sifting the flour and cutting in the shortening properly and adding the ice water, one tablespoon at a time, mixing it into the flour and shortening with a fork until it all just held together, chilled it for a little while and then rolled it out.

I think it will be good. The pleasure of a simple meal I've made and of a day where nothing of note happened at all and the clothes dried on the line and as I went about my chores, I listened to this book

which Spencer and Marilyn recommended. I have never read Gautreaux but I sure will read more. Setting, character, story, all right there in place along with lines that you want to stop and write down.
And the narrator is wonderful.

So. That is all and that is a rich and goodly plenty.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am so sorry that I've fallen behind in reading your blog. I'm sort of halfway comatose, unable to really DO anything, but strangely energized and wired and unable to do anything either. Oy vey. I do wish that I could sit down and have a meal with you exactly like the one you've cooked tonight. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with reading about it, though -- and catching up with all the goings-on in Lloyd.

    1. I wish blogs had a transporter port. I'd have some of that pie and camelia filled sunshine too.

  2. lazy days are to be had and enjoyed. I had one yesterday too.

  3. I don't know Gautreaux at all. I'll have to check him out. Sounds like a fab day! I envy anyone who can make a pie from scratch.

  4. Thanks for sharing that slow cooker recipe. It sounds great.

  5. That pie looks amazing. I'll share if you'll let me! :)

  6. Well, it sounds like a wonderful day but a lazy day? I don't think so.


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