Monday, February 13, 2017

No Other Explanation

Walk taken, clothes hung, chicken waterer soaking with detergent and bleach.
A bright, brilliant morning and Jack The Miracle Cat appears to be exactly as he has always been, absolutely no signs of any sort of deprivation I can see, whether of the physical or emotional type.

I swear to you, I will never understand why that cat isn't dead, much less why he seems to be so absolutely unaffected.
Do I have that many mice?
Well. Maybe I used to.
Not any more.


  1. He looks all relaxed. Like he's been to a cat spa. I mean, cats always look relaxed but he is Zen like. Maybe he met with God while up there.

  2. They sit in front of a mirror and practice that look ... mine do it too. Except poor Merlin who has such bad eyesight, he probably thinks there is another cat in the room.

  3. as I had so fervently hoped, Jack is back and does NOT look any worse for the wear. Actually he looks better than ever! How can that be so after 2 weeks upstairs? I think he may have used up one of his 9 lives up there . ;-) . SO happy he is *back*
    Susan M

  4. When our Muggles was sick recently, she didn't eat a bite for at least two weeks and only marginal water. Now she's back to eating like a lion and putting on some of the weight she lost. Cats is amazing people.

  5. I agree with anonymous, cats do have 9 lives...

  6. Yay, Jack is back! I think animals, particularly male ones, just have to go off and have some adventures sometimes. We had a male dog who did the same thing (back in the days before leash laws), and he always came home.


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