Friday, February 10, 2017

More Talking About Food, Plus Some Other Stuff

We'd been trying to get ourselves to lunch all week because you know us- we do lunch. This is how we get together mostly, these days. Today it was Jessie and August and Lily and Magnolia and Gibson and Hank and Rachel and Mer. I went and picked up Lily and Maggie and then we went and got Gibson at school and drove to the restaurant. Today we went to a different buffet, this one, well, to tell you the truth- I don't even know what branch of the Tree of Asia it represents. It has egg rolls and egg drop soup and hot and sour soup and it has vegetables with coconut sauce and about four different kinds of tofu dishes and things which look like what you might find at any Chinese buffet and a curry and steamed dumplings and everything is delicious.
They also have a freezer full of things like Eskimo pies AND a cooler full of cut-up fruit, Jello snacks and some of the best cheesecake I've ever tasted so let's just call it good.
That will do.
We all got to eat whatever our hearts desired.
Hank held babies and my pictures suck but they are what they are.

Maggie was doing her best to get down, the better to run around like a little rapscallion here. The restaurant is right next to a nursery which sells fountains and gliders and swings and of course plants and the babies were in heaven, running around in front of that store, sticking their hands in the water and plucking pansy blossoms and sitting on the various seats. We wondered if the establishment would mind if we came to visit sometime and brought our own shaker of martinis. We made ourselves completely at home. I have to say that no one came to chase us away and to tell you the truth, I've spent hundreds of dollars in that place over the years, buying plants and seeds and wind chimes and fertilizer and all sorts of stuff so I didn't really feel too guilty about sitting in their excellent glider and watching my grandchildren running around creating havoc.
Not much havoc.
Just a little havoc.

I took Lily and the bebes home and here I am. I haven't done much this afternoon. I did throw out all of the altar flowers and replace them. I know y'all are probably completely over the camellias but I am cherishing every moment of them.

They knock me out.

In Jack news, there is no Jack news. My next-door neighbor called me two nights ago. She thought maybe she'd located him via an ad in the local paper. The found cat, although gray and white, was miles and miles away from here and her theory was that someone had picked Jack up and taken him away and then abandoned him and now these people who had placed the ad had him. She gave me the number and I called the next morning because hey! anything is possible, no, it was not our Jack. It was a neighbor's cat who'd run away during the storm we had.

My best theory is still that Maurice murdered him and has buried his body down by the creek. She is obviously quite happy to be the only cat of the house again and sleeps on my legs all night long and growls at me every time I have the audacity to try and move. She impaled my thumb last night with her claw while I was absentmindedly stroking her head but the wound seems to be healing nicely and I'm sure the bloodstains will come out of the sheets.

So that's life here in North Florida. Tomorrow I'm going to go watch my grandson play basketball and I'm pretty excited about that. Perhaps I shall get the peas and the potatoes and the onions in the ground.
Who knows?
Not me.

Enjoy tonight's celestial events, y'all.
Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am absolutely not at all tired of your camellias. Not by a long shot. We are buried under snow and ice and rain here so I will take you camellias.

    I hope Jack comes back. Maurice needs to be kept in his place.

  2. Your camellias are fabulous. Give us more!

  3. I never, ever tire of your camellia photos. Or Hank holding babies. Or reports on food eating or fixin' of the food. Or grandbaby shenanigans. Etc. Honestly it's one of my favorite things about your blog!
    My camellias did something really weird this year, they were covered in buds, then one day I went out and they had all just fallen off! WTF? I was so disappointed, so I have really enjoyed looking at yours.
    Angie D

  4. I am so hooked on your blog I find myself coming here several times a day to check it out. When you don't write I worry. But it's well worth waiting to see photos of your babies and Hank holding babies and Maggie's splendid mouth. I love hearing of your escapades, whatever they are. I am sad about Jack. I hope wherever he is he is okay. You win my best blog award Ms Moon. I imagine you and the Mr having your martinis tonight!

  5. I love, love, love the camellias -- they are in bloom way out here on the left coast, too, and every time I get out of my car, I look at them and think of you.

  6. I too love camellias. Ours are on the edge of bloom (though maybe our crazy snowpocalypse in december and january has hurt them; I don't know). It is one of the things I adore about the pacific northwest--these weird tropical things that grow here too: camellias, palm trees, and like Elizabeth, when I first saw them I immediately thought of you. I love that I have Ms. Moon flowers here

  7. as usual when there is a celestial event it is overcast here. but warm.

  8. Your camellias always look better than ours. I'm not sure why. Partly because you have colorful ones in addition to white, I suppose. And yes, I'd say you earned the right to sit in that glider and maybe that's what the folks in the store figured -- oh, she's been here before, just let her hang out with her family! I'm putting my money on Cantonese in terms of cuisine.

  9. WHo could ever tire of those celestial flowers?

    If Lily ever starts a blog, she could call it 'Just a Little Havoc'.

  10. I never tire of your camellias or any of your other pictures. Gail

  11. i love that the nursery place let your babies play.

  12. Our Blackwell has a habit of drawing blood when he feels he has been petted enough, too. Damnable, though lovable, creatures are cats.


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