Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hard Work Purifies The Soul. Right? Right?

Mr. Moon and I worked our damn asses off today. I really didn't get that much done in the garden yesterday and took a long nap instead but today was a different matter entirely.
After Lily and her babies went home, the yard work began. My husband has whittled the two giant piles of wood chip mulch down to one, much reduced in size, and spent some time spreading more of that about. It's like his new hobby. And it drives him INSANE that the chickens scratch in it and create what he calls potholes because he practically lays it down chip by chip, evenly and artistically and perfectly and then the hens come along and just scratch about in it with their scratchy determination and I think he's ready to shoot every one of them.
Not really.
Well. Sort of.

Anyway, yesterday he got out the what-do-you-call it, the leaf blower, yeah, that's it, and blew oak leaves into nice tidy piles and today I went out with a rake and the yard cart and a sheet and raked and loaded the cart with leaves over and over and over again and deposited them on the garden until I thought I'd just fall over but GODDAM IT! THAT ENTIRE GARDEN IS MULCHED!
Lord, y'all.
I sure feel good about that.

I'm ant-bit, mosquito-bit, and every muscle in my body hurts and although I've taken a shower I'm probably still half filthy but my garden looks beautiful.

And Mr. Moon transplanted a tea olive that's needed moving and done all sorts of other outside chores and I think we shall sleep the sleep of the exhausted and the just tonight.

But first, I have to make supper.

It's not very often but now and then I wish Lloyd had pizza delivery.
Tonight is one of those nights.

Ah well.

Here's one more picture of Maggie that I took today because she's just so darn precious.

And that is that and that's enough and that is the way it is. At least in Lloyd, Florida on this Sunday evening. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mulching the garden with your love sounds divine. Seriously.

    1. Well, we were sort of both working at different projects but in the same area.

  2. What are y'all doing with the wood chips? I have a source them mixed with horse manure, but it's so heavy with wood chips that I'm unsure what I'd do with it.

    1. Glen's spreading the wood chips as a ground covering. We have no grass. As to what I'd do with wood chips with manure...maybe use it around trees?

    2. I'm so nitpicky I was planning to separate the manure and then have the woodchips alone -there'd be urine on them of course, but that would give an opportunity for the manure to turn to compost much quicker than when with so much woodchip. And I need oodles of compost to build up this soil.

      There are no trees on my property but I just planted three and am waiting to solarize grass to plant two more. Ah, we who cannot help ourselves from growing things.

      Maybe the woodchips can be a mulch hold on solarized areas to keep weeds down until I'm ready to work the soil.


  3. Oh, but that's a good type of tiredness.

  4. There's a satisfaction that comes with fatigue from working so hard! Right? Show us pictures of your mulching!

  5. I finally got my yard of what is supposed to be magic caney soil. I got about 1/3 of it shoveled out yesterday. we'll see how far I get today.


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