Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rise Up So Early In The Morn

Foggy day and that's a shot through the screen but it's what I have.

I wish with all of my heart that I didn't wake up every morning feeling as if the world was coming to an end.

Oh wait. It might be.


Well, I wish I weren't so depressed about it every morning that I feel as if I could die. I'd say that this is an appropriate response but it was true before Trump soiled the Oval Office too.

Moving on.
Here's a picture of Owen fixing dinner for his brother and sister for himself last night.

Under supervision he made quesadillas and smoothies. 

Yay, Owen!

Still no sign of Jack. I called my next door neighbor and left a message and she never called me back which is odd. 

Maurice does not miss him. 
"Where did you hide the body?" Mr. Moon asked her last night. 
She took the Fifth and slinked past him to the food bowl. 

And in chicken news, the eggs I thought were coming from Miss Dottie, one of my new hens, are actually being laid by Butterscotch who is ancient and hasn't laid in months. Dottie is laying small ivory-colored eggs like her sister, Miss Darla. 
Still no idea where Violet is laying but there must be a huge pile of them by now.

They're still working on the railroad.

All the live long day.


  1. Yay Owen!

    It's hard not to feel a pervasive sense of dread -- I feel it too -- but honestly I've found it helps a lot to just not read the news. Or not read it too closely. I realize this is probably not the most responsible way to handle the situation, but it works for me.

    Focus on the eggs, and the chickens, and the cardinals. :)

  2. You have a rooster, who is active with the ladies. Violet is out laying eggs that are not collected. Why aren't there any baby chickens appearing? Knowing nothing about raising chickens, I'm curious.

  3. Having Owen standing by the counter shows just how tall he is!
    Maurice strikes me as a cat who slinks around a lot. I know Norbert does. His newest thing is going outside on the deck and sitting in the herb garden to have a feast. He then comes in to barf. Always on the carpet. Don't tell me he didn't plan this.

  4. That photo is magical. Like a Secret Garden illustration.

    I hope Jack's ok. And if Owen could come make dinner for us tonight, that'd be great.

  5. I'm cutting myself off for the next four days. I don't want to hear anything about whats going on in the WH. paying attention to good stuff right now.

  6. Look at Owen growing up and being such a big help. He's the best. I hope Jack comes back soon. Despite slinky Maurice. My Ollie refuses to eat his food today but at least he had some snacks so I know he's not dying.


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